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Sparta, Ontario (Canada)

Sighted on Wednesday 25. March 2020
Reported on
Shape: Sphere | Duration: 00:02:00

I live in a very rural area of southwestern ontario, in a broad lower river valley know as catfish creek, less than 2 kilometers north of the northern shore of lake erie, near port bruce, ontario. i went for a walk this evening in a neighbour's creek valley, to get exercise and to look for whitetail deer shed antlers. upon return home, i made my way through the neighbour's field edge and then to the main road (jamestown line) that leads to one of the winding hills leading down the ridge into the broad lower valley where our farm is situated. just as i was the crest of the hill leading down into the valley, and before descending down into the valley, a bright streak of a light caught my eye. i later realized that it appeared as a streak because the light was fairly slowly pulsating as it appeared, and my movement made it appear as a streak. but then i stood still, anticipating seeing the light appear again, as is usually the case with evenly-timed flashing lights of an overhead airplane passing by. but it took longer for me to see the light reappear than any aircraft i've seen before. when it did reappear (about 2-3 seconds later), it was in a different location than i would've predicted. i expected it to be farther along a straight flight path because of longer timed intervals, but it actually appeared in an entirely non-predictable location somewhat farther to the left. at least 2 or 3 seconds later, the pulsating light reappeared again but farther to the right and somewhat higher (the light seemed to be moving away at a low angle, so i expected it to reappear somewhat lower, not higher, the next time it reappeared, if it was following a straight flight path leading away from me). there was another non-uniformly timed interval before the pulsating light reappeared again, and again in a random position that my mind would not have expected if it were following a straight flight path. this pulsating light gradually brightened when it appeared and then gradually faded, which took approximately 1-2 seconds maximum in total time during each i saw it appear. i estimate that i saw the pulsating light appearing and disappearing in unexpected random positions, and at random time intervals between pulsations (intervals between pulsations ranged between 3 - 6 seconds); pulsations occurred approximately 8 different times. and then i did not see the light reappear again at all, and it if was an aircraft, i would definitely have continued to see the aircraft's light continue to flash, consistently, quick-flashing, and for a much longer duration, before it traveled beyond visible distance. but this randomly somewhat gently-pulsating, random positioned light just suddenly stopped reappearing in the plain open sky. this was not an aircraft. it is physically impossible for any aircraft to move in the pattern that this (or these) pulsating light(s) appeared. and i would've been able to follow the flight path of any aircraft for much longer than i viewed this pulsating light. it was pure clear sky, and yet it suddenly stopped appearing in random staggered locations in a manner that would be impossible for any typical aircraft escaped my continued viewing. the random timing between the pulsations, and the random, unpredictable or staggered locations, makes me absolutely certain without any mistake that this was not lights from an aircraft from our planet. this also was not any satellite, nor helicopter. i looked at videos of chinese lanterns, and this was not like any of the videos showing chinese lanterns, and i live in a very remote, rural area, and the location where i saw these lights excludes that as a possibility. i'm very overwhelmed by what i saw. i immediately knew that i was viewing very advanced technology; it was just a feeling i had while i was viewing this event. please, please, if possible, could someone please follow-up to my report by replying by either email or phone, regarding my observation. i have this overwhelming urge to discuss my observation with anyone who will listen with an open and believing mind. thank-you and kind regards, steve timmermans, msc. 519-775-0033 [email protected]

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