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Hartsville, South Carolina (United States)

Sighted on Friday 16. October 2015
Reported on
Shape: Sphere | Duration: 06:15:00

My brother-in-law has a hunting area not far from our home. He has camaras posted in the hunting area to see if any Deer come by the feed pile so he can hunt them. He always goes out every other day to retrive the disc from the camara to check the footage and see what, if anything has tripped the camara. The camara is a color , laser motion activated camara. When he downloaded the images he noticed the strange lights on the disc. He asked me to look at the pictures to see what I can make of it. I told him that they looked like "Orbs". I replied to him that I have seen something like that on the MUFON TV programs. He knows that I am a big fan of the TV shows and asked me to forward this information to MUFON, hoping we can get an answer as to what the "Orbs" can be. Since these images were taken, no animals (Deer, Turkeys, Squirrel, Crows, Racoons) have ever returned to the feed pile. In the attached photos, I am adding the picture prior to the light and after the light, so you can see the area during day light. Note that the pictures have times and dates stamp on the bottom of the photo.

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Columbia, SC 2015-05-13 Cigar North I-77
Sumter, SC 2015-05-13 Unknown 5 seconds
Columbia, South Carolina (United States) 2015-03-23 Saturn-like Undisclosed
Indian Trail, NC 2015-03-08 Circle 8 seconds
Columbia, SC 2015-02-20 Circle 1 hour
Florence, South Carolina (United States) 2015-02-14 Flat disc Noticed it in a picture.
Columbia, SC 2015-02-02 Teardrop 2 hours
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Columbia, SC 2015-01-27 Light ongoing
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