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Altoona, Pennsylvania (United States)

Sighted on Thursday 04. December 2014
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Shape: Cylinder | Duration: 00:02:00

I was on my way home from McDonald's, going east on LLoyd Street in Altoona. My mom was driving and we were getting ready to turn onto E Walton Ave, near the Dollar General. I saw what I though was the Medevac helicopter from the UPMC Altoona Hospital, I said to my mom who works at the hospital "There's the helicopter, there must've been a trauma." UPMC Altoona is the local trauma center. She said "That's not the helicopter" what we saw was a blue light, with a blinking white light. It was moving south, and appeared to over, and following Interstate 99. We turned left on East Walton for a block, and lost sight of it. We then turned right (east) onto Kettle street for a block. It was directly in front of us on Kettle Street, at the intersection of Kettle Street and E Pleasant Valley BLVD near Burger King (about 5 blocks east of us). It was now a blue-green and hovering roughly 300-400 feet in the air. I thought it was drone. However, what I saw next, makes me think this is probably not a drone. We turned left, (north) onto East Grant Ave to get home. My mom pulled in and I got out (with my coffee in hand) and walked toward kettle street to get a good look at what I saw. I made it halfway there when the object flew westbound, directly over Kettle Street. It was now a little higher up maybe 500-600 feet up. I could make out a black cylindrical shape, roughly ten feet tall by about 40-50 feet long with two white lights, one on each end. The blue light was gone, and the white lights were solid. It was silent, the only noise I heard was a dog barking in the distance and cars traveling down East Walton ave, a block away. I pulled out my cellphone (LG G3) to try to get a picture. My phone would not let me put in my passcode. I was finally able to get it unlocked and snapped three pictures. There was nothing in the first photo I took, and it's hard to make out what it was in the other two. It disappeared behind homes and trees, still on the westward course, toward downtown and Buckhorn Mountain. It total from the time I first saw the object to the last time I saw it, was about 2 minutes. The amount of time I watched it glide over Kettle Street just a few hundred yards from was maybe 30-40 seconds.

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