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Huntingdon, Pennsylvania (United States)

Sighted on Wednesday 27. July 2016
Reported on
Shape: Triangle | Duration: 02:00:00

A friend and me were traveling west and i noticed a bright object in the night sky. thought it was a plane and jokingly told my friend to look at the spaceship. at first he thought it was a plane and said it was blinking... which it was not. after traveling a few more miles we noticed two more objects flanking the object on either side. they appeared smaller than the first thing spotted. i was repeatedly telling my friend to speed up so i can get a photo of the object. after turning onto a different road that rose on elevation the first object dipped below the ridge line out of sight. but one of the other objects started to come closer into view. i kept telling the my friend to stop the car and said he would once we got to the campground further out the road. once there we pulled into the parking area and i jumped from the truck to try to take a pic... once out of the vehicle the object stopped and began hovering in place. i failed to see the object on my cell camera. so i just stared until something told me that i better leave. the hairs on my neck started to stand up. once we pulled back on the road the object began moving again. which was crazy... it continued moving out in front of our vehicle... we stopped again and again the object stopped as well!!! at this point my friend said let's go to your place and we'll be able to see it better. i told him he was crazy that there is no way we would be able to see it from my house. so we turned off the ridge road and began descending down the ridge toward my place. i tried to see the object out the back window but didn't see it.. after turning around a bend in the road i noticed the object up in the sky and it appeared to be following us. we made a left hand turn at the bottom of the road and continued on to my house... once there the object proceeded to move a little ways past my house and once again stopped in the sky. at this point i ran inside to grab a pair of binoculars to see the object better. i noticed something drop from the bottom of it looked like a small light. i then went into the house and woke my mother for her to see the object and also grabbed her cell phone. i was able to take pictures and video of the object and believe i also captured the small light that descended from it. the object made no noise whatsoever and continued hovering in the sky for well over a hour before we lost interest and went inside. now i've continued seeing strange lights in the sky almost every night since then.


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