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Moline, Illinois (United States)

Sighted on Friday 11. March 2016
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Shape: Triangle | Duration: Undisclosed

After enjoying a beautiful clear day riding my motorcycle I decided to stop off at a riverside park to wind down for the evening. Perfect evening, the skies were crystal clear, nearly no wind and the temperatures were considered warm (50-60's) for mid-March. I could hear the hum of the industrial area around me, the sound of cars, birds and other life of the river. It was an ideal evening to just sit and relax.Sitting on a bench on the banks of the river, a weird calm and quiet came over the area. All of the animals had silenced as if a switch was turned on. It grabbed my attention. The whole time, I happened to be stretched out on the bench looking up at the clear night sky looking for satellites, ufos and watching the bats gobble up insects, so my eyes were somewhat trained at looking for distant/rapid objects. At approximately 7:05pm I spotted a black almost translucent or cloaked pyramid object with four faint red/orange pods at each corner. At first I thought I had finally spotted a TR-3B craft but noted to myself this object had four pods on corners, not three with a large dome in the center. (note- since my last ufo spotting and submission to MUFON, I have been very curious about ufo's and have been doing quite a bit of research on a serious hobby basis)Back to the first craft...First craft seemed to be 5 sided, much like the Indian Vimana as described as a large flying pyramid. Made absolutely NO noise. Size at altitude was estimated 300-400 feet wide side to side. Was traveling at almost perfect south to north trajectory at an incredible steady speed. My estimates of altitude was probably between 5000-10000 feet. Speed, estimate based on first sight of object at almost straight up to horizon was roughly four seconds. 3000+ mph at least. No sound, but obviously a solid object traveling very fast.Object seemed to be cloaked but was slightly visible with clear definition of structure, bottom was reflecting or absorbing the light pollution given off by the city. The night sky and the position of the setting sun left the sky a very slight blue tint. It was a perfect backdrop to see a black object as I was spotting bats swooping around the park.The second and third objects were identical to each other. VERY large chevron or boomerang objects two minutes after the first one. These objects seem to be on a pursuit trajectory toward the last known position to the first one. Nearly two minutes after I spotted the pyramid craft. I know this because after the first sighting I pulled my phone out to check time and make mental note of time and my location.First (second of three) craft appeared to be on a elliptical left hand turn towards the first object (from SW to east then north). The second chevron seemed to have come from the east-south east and going north north west to intercept or meet up with the first chevron craft. NO sound at all.Descriptions match the 600 feet or larger boomerang/flying wing craft that can be found all over the internet. Five red/orange pods or antigravity engines on the bottom of the two crafts. Same translucent appearance, but these craft had definite crisp front leading edges. Altitude was same as original craft 5000-10000 feet, but were traveling at a much greater speed. Both seemed to be chasing, pursuing, or patrolling the area. Definitely on course with the first one. It was impressive witnessing such large silent objects traveling at those speeds and making the rapid turns they performed. The red/orange glows on the objects were the defining tell to spot these craft. Much like very, very, very dim LED lights flickering.At first I doubted what I saw, then my logical mechanic/engineer mind kicked in and I just sat there and replayed the sighting in my mind. This is not the first time I've seen ufos, lights or unexplainable large objects and I know it probably wont be the last. Most people don't fix or train their eyes and just zone out to the open sky. I liken seeing these objects as training your eyes to see those hidden 3-d pictures that were popular in the 90's. Much like seeing past and into the dark.Very impressive display not seen every day. I would like to sit down with a MUFON investigator and possibly get to the bottom of this most recent sighting.

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