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Lebanon, Missouri (United States)

Sighted on Wednesday 22. June 2016
Reported on
Shape: Sphere | Duration: Undisclosed

My husband and I had noticed in the past few months some, "stars" that caught our attn. We had never given any thought to UFO's, or anything remotely associated with one. When we would go outside to smoke, we would randomly look up, and notice that some of the stars were flashing, (from white, to red, to blue, and sometimes yellow. And never in any particular pattern) sometimes randomly moving, (almost like circular squiggles). Not darting by any means, but still noticeable if you paid attention. It had become our thing to do ever since the weather has warmed up,while we went outside to smoke. Light up, just kind of glance up, notice which ones were brighter, etc. my husband even shone his phone's flashlight at one once. (The one we were watching had started blinking, and he figured why not.) Well, about an hour ago, I stepped out onto our enclosed porch. (It's got Windows on 3 sides, so I can see quite a bit). I light up my cigarette, look up, as has been the pattern lately, not really thinking too much about it. When I look off to my right, and see one of the "weird stars". It made me uncomfortable, but, I always told myself, "Oh c'mon, stop letting some stupid star scare you." Well, I see it start to move around slightly, and figure I'd aim my phone at it to take a video. (iPhone 6S) so I aim it in the general direction of the star I'm curious about, and notice there's like 4-5 smaller, less bright ones on it's left. I hit record, and then it happened a few seconds later. I still don't know what the heck happened, but very suddenly, a bright beam shot straight out of one of the smaller stars into my porch. (Believe me, I so understand how idiotic this sounds, and I likely wouldn't believe this if it hadn't just happened.) The light scared the crap out of me, and I jumped. I clicked the video off and ran in to get my husband. I showed him the stars, the video, and he too was like, "What the @@@??" I don't know what happened, or what I saw. But, I do know for sure that I'm scared and do not EVER want to look outside any more! I'm freaking out, and im literally too scared to go outside now. This is NOT normal!

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