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Virginia (United States)

Sighted on Monday 17. October 2016
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Shape: Disc | Duration:

**ben moss is already involved with this case and has met with me already**there are 2 incidents: in 2010, when i lived a few hours from here, i had a very close encounter with a triangle ufo that dropped straight down very quickly out of the sky above me, while i was in my car. it hovered above me about 20-25 feet in the air, was silent, and i was terrified. i instinctively started praying and when the thought occurred to me to grab my cell phone and try to take a photo of it, i found myself too frightened to take my eyes off of the ufo to look for my phone. i had this fear that if i took my eyes off of it for even a second, something was going to happen to me. it doesn't seem like it all lasted more than 30 seconds or so, but i can't really be sure because i wasn't paying attention to what time it was before the incident. i just know it was sometime between 10-10:30 p.M. the triangle had a red light in the center that was lit the entire time, and it had white circular lights on the underside corners of the triangle. suddenly it shot up straight in the air at a high rate of speed and made a sudden dart off to my right and it was gone. i never had believed in ufos prior to that, but that experience changed my whole perspective on things. i had afterward seen photos of the triangle ufos from the belgian wave and that's what it looked like, however, this triangle was very small in comparison. the triangle i saw was probably about 18-20ft on each of its sides. since i was looking up at it above me, i have no idea how tall the craft was because i could only see it from the bottom. i shared with my father, best friend, and some others what i had seen. between the triangle sighting in 2010 that i had, up until my abduction on october 17, 2016, to my knowledge i didn't have any et contact or any other incidents. in february 2013, i moved to fairfax. abduction incident 10/17/16 : (this is my initial memory. a mufon person recommended a hypnotist that i went to see, because i knew i had missing time because there was a lapse in my memory that didn't make sense). the abduction: my husband had left to go to work shortly after 4:00 a.M. i'm a very light sleeper and i heard someone come in the back door (it had been locked). initially i thought maybe my husband had returned, but i quickly realized that it was not the sound of his footsteps walking across the wooden floor in the living area. it didn't even sound like normal human footsteps (it was a shuffling sound instead of normal footsteps), and i could tell that it was not just one individual. somehow i knew then what it was, but i also told myself it couldn't be and must be an intruder. our bedroom door is a set of french doors that connects to that living area, and i was laying in bed on my left side with my back to them. i quickly decided that i would wait until the sound of the intruders opening the french doors because i knew i only had a matter of seconds, and then i would jump up out of the bed and fight. the problem was that i didn't hear the french doors opening (they must have walked right through them instead of opening them) and before i knew what was going on, 3 individuals/bodies were holding me down on the bed on my side, one of them had pinned down my right arm, and they were dragging me off of the bed, sheets and all. it was very hard for me to get my right arm free but i did and i started fighting and punching them as much and as hard as i could. i made contact with the bottom of my fist on one of them a few times and i remember that it felt almost like i was hitting a rubbery tire like material, but it wasn't as dense of a material as a tire is. it was like a mix of flesh and rubber. they suddenly let me go and i got my feet under me (they had dragged me half off the side of the bed). i was a mix of terrified and really pissed off. my room was pitch dark but i could sense them about 5-6 feet away watching me. i was so scared that i didn't dare turn the lamp on next to the bed because i honestly did not want to see them. i stayed sitting up on my bed for several seconds because i was afraid that if i laid back down they would try to overpower me and take me again, and i was catching my breath from fighting. part of me also wanted them to see me sitting there and know that i was going to fight them if they tried it again. the next thing that i can recall, i was laying down and had just started to pray, and then my memory goes blank. it's been bothering me because i know as scared and angry as i was, i wouldn't have just laid down like that, let alone i would not have been able to fall asleep for hours after that. after the blank part of my memory, the next thing that i remember is my alarm going off in the morning to wake me up for work. i noticed that i had a lot of pain and soreness all over my body, almost like severe aching muscles and joints from a bad flu, however, i was not sick and did not get sick after that. i felt like i had a lot of bloating and inflammation in my body as well, and had a bad headache. i felt like i had been poisoned or something, and it took approximately 2 weeks to recover from the physical effects. when i saw things that had been knocked on the floor by the bed during the fight with them earlier, i just began crying because it was a reminder that what had happened was real. i called my husband and told him about it. even though i couldn't see them due to it being so dark in the room, i could tell by the way the 3 of them were laying across my body putting pressure on me and dragging me off of the bed that they were much smaller creatures than me. i feel like they were thin to medium build,and probably only around 4.5 feet tall. since i was a light sleeper, before this incident, all the lights had to be off in the house for me to sleep and if my husband was staying up watching tv or anything, the slightest noise would keep me awake and bother me. now, to even try to sleep i have to have the outside light on, some inside lights on, and the tv on with the volume up some...My husband was shocked to see this because he knows that before this incident, i couldn't stand the slightest noise or any lights being on because i was such a light sleeper. i went through a period where if he wasn't here because he was out working, i was too scared to sleep on my left side with my back to the french doors anymore. i went through months where since it would be dark when i came home from work, if my husband wasn't already home, i would call him and stay on the phone with him until i got safely inside of the house. if he was busy, i would call my kid or someone else so that at least i was on the phone with someone as i was walking from my car into the house. because this incident caused me so much anxiety, i ended up getting an anti-anxiety medication from my doctor to take at night to help me sleep and help lessen my anxiety because i was so afraid of them coming back. i told my doctor it was for another reason. i'm going to now include the info from the hypnosis session, then i will explain the physical affects this abduction had on me and what i've had to go through because of it. hypnosis session: i went for my hypnosis appointment on 11/19/16. under hypnosis i was able to fill in the gap that i had. if you recall, after i was fighting with them as they were pulling me off the bed, they let go and i was sitting on the bed trying to catch my breath with my feet on the floor. i could sense them in the dark standing about 5 feet away from me and i was very angry and very scared at the same time. originally my memory jumped from this, to me laying on my pillow praying and suddenly falling asleep. what happened in between was missing, and i knew it didn't make sense that i would go from fighting and terrified to suddenly going to sleep like nothing happened. normally, even if i just have a stressful or bad dream that wakes me, it may take me over an hour to fall back asleep, sometimes 2 hours because my adrenaline and everything has me so awake that it takes a significant amount of time to settle back down. under hypnosis i was able to recall that as i sat on the bed i could sense that they were surprised i had fought them the way i did. i heard their feet coming across the carpet toward me. i saw a very bright, very neon purple light. it was almost like they were holding a small lighted wand of sorts. the next thing i remembered under hypnosis was suddenly getting very calm and sleepy. the light changed my whole mood state and made me not care what was going on...I just became passive and docile. i remember being floated horizontal and i didn't really care anymore because it was like i was drugged and i was very groggy. they floated me through the house and outside to a craft. the next thing i remembered was feeling someone holding my arm and i was in a white room with a round dome type of ceiling. it wasn't a big room, it was somewhat small. i had a very hard time trying to keep my eyes open because i was so groggy. the being holding my arm was shaped like a grey about 4.5 feet tall, but was a light colored--pinkish/kind of fleshy colored being. it wasn't the grey color i've seen on tv. it had big black eyes like a grey, and i remembered it had some large, thick wrinkles. the alien on the cover of the book, "communion," looks most like the beings i saw, just mine had more wrinkles on it's face and i could see small veins on the side of the one's head that was holding my arm. i felt a pain in my neck and started to feel very heavy and couldn't move. i could feel a rush in my brain and got a bad medicine type of taste in my mouth that was bitter and my tongue felt tingly. this one grey was holding my arm and i felt love from it and that it didn't want me to feel alone. the sense of love it telepathically conveyed to me was very strong, and i haven't ever experienced feeling love that strong before. the fingers of the being holding my wrist were very long, and the bone structure of the fingers reminded me of the texture of these light plastic, flexible nerf darts my son had as a kid for his old nerf dart gun. the bones in the fingers were a different density and texture than ours. i felt the other two beings down by my legs and felt some pressure and cramping in my uterus because they seemed to be looking for something/doing an exam, but then i went unconscious. the next thing i remembered was the sensation of starting to move again waking me up, as they were levitating me out of the room in the direction of my feet. i was very, very groggy. i remember them floating me outside toward the house and it was cool outside and the wind felt good to me. all 3 beings were with me but only the one that had held my arm seemed to feel a connection to me, the other 2 seemed focused and rather detached. i'm an energy sensitive person and for some reason, i remember the one being that was loving and holding my wrist having an energy that reminded me of my maternal grandmother, who passed away before i could ask her about the ufos that had been landing behind her house. they floated me through the back door without opening it and left me on my bed. i remembered still feeling numb and groggy and just being glad i could go back to sleep. while i was very angry about the way they initially tried to snatch me out of my bed, i got the sense during my experience that their intentions were actually good. i felt like the one loving being wanted me to know that they wanted people in the world to evolve and reconnect with who they really are because they feel like humanity has lost themselves. they want people to be more sensitive, empathetic, intuitive, and compassionate. i felt like they probably knew i wanted to get pregnant again so they were trying to intervene in some way. i'm not sure if that would be by somehow genetically altering my eggs, or what their method is. (in july and august 2016 my husband and i had been going through a fertility clinic because he had some fertility issues and they wanted to test me and be sure i didn't have any. all of my hormone levels were excellent when they tested them, and they also did an ultrasound of my ovaries on the 2nd day of my cycle and said that at my age, they would expect and be happy with seeing 10 developing egg follicles...Well i had 23. they told me that my ovaries were, "rocking like someone in their 20's." this is important to note because this was in august, and after my abduction in october, my reproductive system developed major issues, that ended up requiring me to have surgery in february this year. wrapping up the hypnosis piece, the next memory i had was waking up later that morning when my alarm went off, and crying when i saw things knocked on the floor from the initial fight i had with them, because it brought back the trauma of them trying to snatch me from my bed. i then called my husband crying that morning and told him what happened. gynecological problems start: the abduction was october 17th, and in november, i had a very light period which was abnormal for me. i had taken a pregnancy test prior to getting the light period...One of the ones that you can take several days before your period is due and that one was negative. when i started getting my period, although it was light, i didn't bother taking any other pregnancy tests. then in december, i woke up in the middle of the night passing a baseball to softball sized blood clot, and had to go to the emergency room. they did an ultrasound at the hospital, and i talked to my gyno who told me that if i kept bleeding heavily to go to a different hospital because that's the hospital they work with. which i ended up having to go there the same day because the bleeding wasn't slowing down. when my gynecologist reviewed the ultrasound, he informed me that i wasn't bleeding from a period because i had no uterine lining to shed, it was all gone somehow and my uterus was just straight out bleeding out. they had to stop the bleeding so they put me on a regimen of 5 birth control pills per day, tapering down over most of a week to doing one birth control pill a day. i couldn't tell my doctor about my abduction event in october so i couldn't say anything when he thought that somehow my hormones (which had been perfect just months earlier when tested) had magically gotten suddenly whacked out, so he decided to treat me with hormones. well, the bleeding stopped for just over 1 week and then started back up again. the doctor tried tinkering with hormone doses, etc. to try and fix it, but the reality was that my problem wasn't due to hormones so no matter what he tried, it wasn't working. eventually after about 8-9 weeks straight of bleeding, i became anemic and required emergency surgery. i had an emergency d & c, where they go in and clean out everything from the uterus to try and restart my body's system. when the doctor met with me in the recovery room, he showed me some color images of the inside of my uterus and showed me this white growth/substance that was in there and told me he was having it tested to be sure it wasn't a cancerous growth or infection. it wasn't cancer or an infection when test results came back. what was it? who knows? i think that whatever the ets did to me, my uterus was trying to expel whatever didn't belong in there and it just couldn't do it,, that's why i kept bleeding and bleeding and ended up having to have the surgery to empty it all out. my father and my deceased maternal grandmother also had contact with ufos.

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