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Brodnax, VA

Sighted on Tuesday 04. April 2017
Reported on
Shape: Diamond | Duration: 20 minutes

Multicolored color diamond shaped oject in northern sky in southern virginia!Tonight, at approximately 20:55 pm, I observed in the northern sky a multicolored., blue, red and yellow to be exact! Diamond shaped object with the lights revolving in the center of it just sitting there above the trees north of my place! I could not hear any noise in the sky, and I went and grabbed my binoculars to look closer! When I looked at it, I saw what appeared to be a smaller white object move across and around it from the left to right side. Then at that time it started moving towards the left slowly getting faster as I kept looking and following it in the binoculars! I got a good look at it and seemed to no I was watching it because the longer I kept watching the faster it moved out of my view! In my best estimate of size based on viewing with and without binoculars, it was the size of a one of those big red farm barns is all I can think in size to compare!

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