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Mechanicville, New York (United States)

Sighted on Monday 10. July 2017
Reported on
Shape: Sphere | Duration: 00:04:00

At 3:44 am sat at my picnic table having a smoke and coffee immediately noticed ,a very large white sphere shaped object moving directly toward me! moving from south west to north east direction! grabbed mt smartphone and started filming. the object made no noise, had no marker lights just a bright white sphere! it did not blink! steady piercing light! it traveled at a slow speed! took 4 minutes to go from horizon to horizon

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Location Sighted on Shape Duration
Location Sighted on Shape Duration
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Albany, New York (United States) 2017-07-04 Fireball 00:03:00
Halfmoon, New York (United States) 2017-07-04 Circle 10:15:00
Cairo, New York (United States) 2017-07-04 Flash 00:20:00
Athens, New York (United States) 2017-06-20 Other 00:00:02
Johnstown, New York (United States) 2017-06-10 Circle 00:00:08
Glens Falls, New York (United States) 2017-06-07 Saturn-like 00:00:15
Clifton park, New York (United States) 2017-05-09 Triangle 00:05:00
Fonda, New York (United States) 2017-03-29 Star-like 00:02:00
Canajoharie, New York (United States) 2017-02-09 Star-like 00:57:00
Duanesburg, New York (United States) 2017-01-31 Circle 00:05:00
Schenectady, New York (United States) 2016-12-14 Oval 15:00
Johnstown, New York (United States) 2016-12-01 Cigar 00:02:00
Hudson, New York (United States) 2016-11-04 Other 01:15:00
Athens, New York (United States) 2016-11-03 Cylinder 00:01:30
Wilton, NY (United States) 2016-10-19 Triangular 5-10 seconds
Coxsackie, New York (United States) 2016-09-23 Disc 00:00:01
North Adams, Massachusetts (United States) 2016-09-16 Star-like 00:01:00
Schenectady, NY (United States) 2016-09-14 Orb Hour
Whitingham, Vermont (United States) 2016-09-13 Unknown 00:05:00
Albany, New York (United States) 2016-09-11 Cylinder 00:04:00
Saratoga Springs, NY (United States) 2016-09-10 Rectangular 1min
Rutland City, Vermont (United States) 2016-08-27 Fireball 7 min
West Pawlet, Vermont (United States) 2016-08-20 Cross 00:14:00
Stillwater, New York (United States) 2016-08-12 Sphere 01:00:00
Wilmington, Vermont (United States) 2016-07-13 Dumbbell 00:15:00
Albany, New York (United States) 2016-07-10 Globe 3 minutes
Brattleboro, Vermont (United States) 2016-07-03 Sphere Undisclosed
Salisbury Center, NY (United States) 2016-06-22 Round 45 mins
Cambridge, New York (United States) 2016-06-21 Disc 00:08:00
North Adams, Massachusetts (United States) 2016-06-19 Star-like Undisclosed
Fultonville, New York (United States) 2016-06-13 Sphere Undisclosed
Pittsfield, Massachusetts (United States) 2016-06-01 N, A Undisclosed
Deerfield, Massachusetts (United States) 2016-06-01 Cylinder Undisclosed
Rensselaer, New York (United States) 2016-05-29 Star-like Undisclosed
Williamstown, Massachusetts (United States) 2016-05-28 Circle 01:01:01
East Greenbush, New York (United States) 2016-05-08 Square, Rectangular Undisclosed
Broadalbin, New York (United States) 2016-04-17 Sphere Undisclosed
Troy, New York (United States) 2016-04-14 Sphere 00:03:00
Greenfield, Massachusetts (United States) 2016-03-15 Flash Undisclosed
Ballston Spa, New York (United States) 2016-03-12 Orbs 10 Mins
Saratoga Springs, New York (United States) 2016-03-12 Triangle 00:23:00
Brattleboro, Vermont (United States) 2016-03-11 Unknown Undisclosed
Brattleboro, Vermont (United States) 2016-03-04 Unknown Undisclosed
Queensbury, New York (United States) 2016-02-19 Triangle Undisclosed
Saugerties, New York (United States) 2016-02-07 Triangle Undisclosed
Amsterdam, NY 2016-01-28 Unknown Several minutes
Amsterdam, New York (United States) 2016-01-07 Triangle 00:03:00
Shelburne, Massachusetts (United States) 2015-12-25 Amber orange lights 25 min
Richmond/Lenox, Massachusetts (United States) 2015-12-24 Circular 30 mins
Lee, MA 2015-12-17 Formation 5 seconds
Clifton Park, NY 2015-12-03 Light 30 seconds
Queensbury, New York (United States) 2015-11-17 Diamond Undisclosed
Wynanskill, NY 2015-11-15 Light 10 minutes
Albany, NY 2015-11-13 Circle
Rotterdam/Amsterdam, NY 2015-11-09 Circle 15 seconds
Grand Gorge, New York (United States) 2015-11-05 Oval Undisclosed
Rensselaer, NY 2015-10-31 Rectangle 2 minutes
Saratoga Springs, NY 2015-10-30 Cone
Schenectady, NY 2015-10-16 Sphere 30 seconds
Ballston Spa, New York (United States) 2015-10-14 Ball of light 15 minutes
Johnstown, New York (United States) 2015-10-01 Cigar 00:10:00
Fultonville, New York (United States) 2015-09-28 Oval 00:05:00
Fultonville, NY (United States) 2015-09-28 Unknown 5 minutes
Rutland, Vermont (United States) 2015-09-27 Bullet, Missile Undisclosed
Rexford, NY 2015-09-27 Circle 40 minutes
Brunswick, NY 2015-09-14 Light 30-60 minutes
Clifton Park, NY 2015-09-13 Fireball 2-3 minutes
West Sand Lake, New York (United States) 2015-09-06 Cylinder Undisclosed
Albany, New York (United States) 2015-09-05 Boomerang Undisclosed
Albany, New York (United States) 2015-09-03 Triangle Undisclosed
Ballston Spa, New York (United States) 2015-08-23 Fireball 00:04:00
Latham, New York (United States) 2015-08-20 Triangle Undisclosed
Latham Farms, NY (United States) 2015-08-15 like a satelite was told once here and night before
Adams, Massachusetts (United States) 2015-08-15 Round 30 seconds
Athens, New York (United States) 2015-08-15 Triangle 00:01:00
Delmar, NY 2015-08-13 Light 1 hour
Poultney, Vermont (Unites States) 2015-08-12 Spherical 20
Poultney, Vermont (United States) 2015-08-12 Sphere Undisclosed
Guilford, VT 2015-08-12 Rectangle 1 minutes
Fonda, NY 2015-08-09 Circle 10 seconds
Olmsteadville, NY 2015-08-08 Circle minutes
West Stockbridge, Massachusetts (United States) 2015-07-30 Teardrop 00:00:03
West Stockbridge, MA 2015-07-30 Teardrop 2 seconds
Castleton, NY 2015-07-29 Triangle 20
Diamond Point, NY 2015-07-27 Triangle 10 minutes
Cheshire, Massachusetts (United States) 2015-07-18 Bullet, Missile 00:00:00
Lake George (Lake George Village ), NY 2015-07-16 Circle 5 minutes
Bennington, Vermont (United States) 2015-07-15 Star-like 00:00:20
Cohoes, New York (United States) 2015-07-14 Fireball Undisclosed
Wells, Vermont (United States) 2015-07-05 Star-like Undisclosed
Schuylerville, NY 2015-07-05 Unknown 2 minutes
Greenfield, Massachusetts (United States) 2015-07-04 Lights, red and green 3-5 minutes long
Greenfield, MA 2015-07-04 Light 2 minutes
Albany, NY 2015-06-26 Unknown ~5 minutes
Galway, New York (United States) 2015-06-25 Chevron Undisclosed
Wilton, NY 2015-06-19 Oval 1 minute
Pottersville, NY 2015-06-18 Circle 60 minutes
Lake George, NY 2015-06-05 Light 10 minutes