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New Port Richey, Florida (United States)

Sighted on Monday 10. July 2017
Reported on
Shape: Sphere | Duration: 01:00:00

My husband and i were outside in our front yard, i like a little walk before bed. at about 4-4:40 am. to the front right was a stationary extremely bright light. it looked like a headlight in the sky. it was pulsing. to the right was a much smaller star like object with rotating multi lights, red, blue, green and white. they would get bright then dim. to the left a bit higher was another exactly like the one on the right. then suddenly the one on the left flew up and joined with the headlight looking object. after about 15 minutes they shot straight up and disappeared. they have come 3 days and have not returned. 1st night was about 4-4:30, 2nd night it was about 3am and the 3rd it was 1:45-2:00am. duh, i never thought to have my camera with me but not sure a phone camera would catch it at such a distance.I first noticed it because it was unusually bright, while trying to decide if it was a satellite, plane or whatever, it just never moved, not a plane. so we were sure it was a ufo. we were very mesmerized so we came out the next night and it was back exact same place. same for the 3rd night but on 3rd night the one on the left was not there. we keep going out to see if it returns but nope, not so far. i told my husband " if it had been a star it would be there each night but change location with earths rotation and the time we go out.

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