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Corolla, NC

Sighted on Thursday 03. November 2016
Reported on
Shape: Disk | Duration: 5 minutes

Small silent disc - like object over Northern Outer Banks, NCAt approximately 7:45 on the morning of November 3, 2016, I exited my car at work and noticed a piece of trash in the parking lot near my car. I picked it up and began walking toward the entrance of the business I manage. I looked up and saw an object off to my forward right that seemed to be gliding silently in a soft arc over the North side of the building. It remained in view from that point until it disappeared as a speck over the Atlantic Ocean. After making the turn over the building it remained in a perfect straight path directly out over the ocean. The sun had risen to the right of the direction in which the object flew.On first seeing it, I wondered what it was. It was dark gray in color and appeared to be what I would describe as two offset discs connected in the middle somehow. From the angle I was observing from, what appeared to me to be the bottom portion of the object was perfectly round and mainly flat, with the top portion mainly obscured except a small section that seemed to be projecting forward, in the direction the object was flying. As it banked it appeared similar to the Nazi “SS” symbol. It was as though the two discs were connected with some space in between.The object was small. It may have been thirty six to forty eight inches across. At first I thought it could be a balloon or something being carried on the wind, but there was absolutely no wind at all, and it was moving steadily at maybe fifteen or twenty miles per hour. At no point did the speed deviate and at no point the elevation change. It did not move from side to side at all. Once it turned out toward the ocean it seemed to fly in a perfectly straight line until it was out of sight.As it banked I called out to an employee who was in the parking lot. He was able to observe it as it flew away. To him it was just a spec that flew silently and very straight. I told him I was not freaking out but that I did not know what it was. I told him that if it shoots off at an angle at Mach 6 I would freak out.It was not a bird or any earthly creature. I got the sense that it was a drone, given its size. After going to my office for a few minutes I went out to the beach to see if I could see anything. On the extreme horizon I did see a shape that looked rectangular like a ship would at that distance. I have no reason to believe there is a correlation between that ship and the object.If it was some sort of high tech military drone then they have developed technology to fly objects in complete silence.The weather was perfectly clear with few clouds in the sky and the sun low on the horizon to the east.I photographed it using my cell phone as it flew away. I also tried to photograph the ship on the horizon. I also sketched it from the two angles I saw it from. I am not happy with the “SS” angle sketch but think it is as close as I can get to what I saw. The double disk sketch is very accurate.I am a 56 year old adult male business manager.

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