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Newport, TX

Sighted on Wednesday 25. January 2017
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Shape: Circle | Duration: 20-30

large bright white star, 8+ orbs and one large plane/shuttle that we have never seen before.Jan 25, 2017 at 0300, Spouse and I went riding around starting at 0120 after going to bed early. The stars were extremely bright out, and we had seen more than twenty deer, with multiple raccoons, hogs, the normal country back road animals. We have been doing this on and off the past two weeks and nothing seemed out of ordinary. We decided before going home to go to a hidden place we found early on that was secluded off of hwy 1125 and Speights Road. Car turned off, husband had the night vision and was sitting out of the window, my window down occ. Flashing my light. I had seen a bright star but initially didn’t think anything of it. I layed my head on the car door and stared at the stars for a second then would turn and turn my flashlight on again. This time the brightest largest bright white light/star but it was moving slightly just enough to notice from like being in a box and bouncing off the sides. I called out to my husband two or three times quietly, then knocked him in the leg. He climbed back into the seat. I pointed at it and said, “Is that what I think it is?” He was quiet and just looking then said, “Look at these coming in.” Four circular, hazy, orange, orbs came up to the left of the bright “star.” The orbs went from a straight line to a chevron form two or three times before noticing there was more orange orbs coming from behind us. The bright star moved closer but stayed just below the tree line, looked like when the star blinked the orbs changed formation. When number 8-9 orbs showed up I was too nervous to stay any longer, but never got the feeling of being threatened. We were able to see them until very close to 287 and just before town there was a very large plane/shuttle that crossed from our right to our left at a fairly slow speed for a “plane.” The back of it had red and green lights on the back of it. Once we went over the overpass/287 we didn’t see them anymore.

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