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Rockwood, Michigan (United States)

Sighted on Monday 31. July 2017
Reported on
Shape: Disc | Duration:

I went out on my patio around 2:30am to smoke a cigarette. i was looking up at the sky just staring at the stars. i noticed a flickering light that at first i thought was a star or an airplane. it was not either or. i watched what appeared to be a disc shaped object that pulsated but at the same time seemed like the lights on it sequenced from left to right. it hovered in an acute area making no sound but made very swift short movements (vertical, horizontal, diagonal, and even half circular). at one point, shortly below the craft closer to the horizon but still high up in the sky it omitted a white light that started from nothing and in the shape of a circle got a little bit bigger than the craft and disappeared. somewhat similar to a sonic boom. it also made no sound. i felt as if the craft could tell that i was watching it. i stayed outside watching this incident until almost 4am when i proceed to go inside due to the mosquitos. i was so intrigued by the event that i shifted my bed so that i could watch it out of my bedroom window, it was still there when i fell asleep. the following night i went outside to see if this object was there and it was not. i witnessed some ufo activity in roughly the same area, in gibraltar fall of 2010 which i still have on a camera in my house. i attempted to record this recent event on the video recorder on my phone but due to the distance of the object and the quality of my phone camera the videos i recorded do not do this any justice. very strange. if i had to say this craft was very large and very far away, just my opinion.

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