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Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania (United States)

Sighted on Sunday 17. September 2017
Reported on
Shape: Flash | Duration: 02:35:00

At 11:04 p.M. on sunday, september 17, 2017 my mother called to me to look at something in the sky. i went outside and stood on our deck with my mother. she pointed out the object to me. it was ne from our position. it was a bright light in the sky. it was a clear night and the object appeared significantly brighter than stars in the sky. the object appeared to be still and i first noticed it appeared to be more than 1 light stacked together. i went inside to retrieve binoculars. i used a pair of 8-16x binoculars. my other used a pair of old navy ship binoculars (unsure of magnification. it took me a few minutes to locate the object through the binoculars; my mother quickly found the object. when we both located the object we agreed that it was changing shapes and colors and it was rapidly moving erratically in a limited area of the sky. the movements were in all directions and seemed random. the object appeared to change shapes constantly. it also changed colors - white, red, blue, green. i laid down the binoculars and filmed the object on my cell phone. i have three videos totaling about 50 minutes of the object along with 12 still photos. my mother returned inside. during the event i was texting my three siblings. my brother drove to my house to see the object. he arrived around 12:25 and stayed until 1:34 a.M. i went inside before he left, around 12:15. this is the third sighting of objects from our house. we have seen a total of six objects. our first sighting was of a disc-shaped craft at a close distance (it was close enough i felt i could shoot if with a hunting rifle). our second sighting was of the apparently same disc-shaped craft, along with 2 smaller escort crafts at a longer distance. a fourth object was traveling a different flight path to intersect with the other crafts. both of these sightings also had multiple witnesses. i am a mufon member and helped john ventre late last year upgrade some of his presentations. because of the size of the file attachments, here is a link to the google drive where the videos and photos are housed. https://drive.Google.Com/open?Id=0bxdzryiolewnalu4r1hbwunosm8


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