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Colorado Springs, Colorado (United States)

Sighted on Wednesday 20. September 2017
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Shape: Disc | Duration: 03:00:00

Unusual lights/activity seen at 9 pm sept 20, 2017 (duration 2-3 hrs.) my wife was heading to bed, so i took the dog out into the backyard for potty, as usual and perfectly normal day/night. i immediately noticed disco lights in the sky to the nw, over the air force academy (afa) in colorado springs. i went to grab my wife to confirm that i am positively seeing this. lights were about a mile off the ground. she confirmed that it was flashing lights and of the colors blue, red, green, violet and white. she described it as saucer-shaped and harmoniously flashing, to something like a song. i thought of a tiny "disco ball". as we are watching the first object over afa, it's now getting lower in the sky and almost out of view, due to the neighbor’s rooftop behind us. it was descending, straight down, and extremely slow. i then looked around in the sky toward the n-ne direction, directly over the penrose hospital from our back deck. the back of our house faces almost directly n-nw. i then noticed an object in the flight path for cos airport, perfectly turning in from the east, as other aircraft do, heading south for landing. powers blvd is a perfect fight path into the cos airport so i just assumed this object was following the lights from the road, as seen from above. it is now around 9:30 pm, the disco ball over afa cannot be seen now. there is rarely any traffic going to the cos airport at this time of night. i didn't at first think anything of it, but when 'the now second’ object appeared to turn directly into the usual landing path i see used every day, it appeared to have at least three very large, larger than normal white lights, no red or green as all aircraft flown in us are required to have. they were very bright lights in almost a triangle shape. as we focused on that object, and it went to the south, out of my view because the houses were in the way again, my wife went to the front of the house and confirmed that it was not an airplane and then it left from her view behind more houses. she then returned out back to join me on the deck and where we saw this object 'flying-in', at about one fist held up to the sky, from another rooftop, was an absolutely identical flashing disco ball, just like the first one to the nw over afa, a few minutes ago. this has to be twenty or more miles away from first seen object over afa and this one is now closer to us physically but same size, same strobe light effect with the colored lights. i was flabbergasted. my wife was amazed and happy to have seen, but had to sleep for work. i stayed up as long as i could. no feeling of fear or anything malicious, just beautiful and almost like this is just a normal occurrence, but it truly was not. **i do have to add this: in the videos i am sending, you will see aircraft flying near first sighting, to give perspective on the actual event. not sure if they were just passing or trying to get a better view. the first video has two planes shown flying near the first object over afa. all total on planes observed, were maybe nine different planes. remember that it would have taken a plane about twenty or more minutes to get from one of the objects (nw), to the other (ne). (see google map attached) the first object in the nw, there were three planes seen at approximately the same altitude. one above or almost in the same horizontal plane and a couple different ones just flying near. i’d say the planes were less than one half mile away from the object. the second and eventually third object ‘disco ball’ in the ne sky had at least six different planes flying by it, but not in a low landing path, extremely high (over a mile) in the sky too. one plane even turned due east and went around the object, at a slightly lower altitude. ** it is now after 10pm. i have now been in and out of the house probably ten times. i was grabbing binoculars and trying to find a camera or video camera that was charged, so i could see this object better, but nothing was charged. i only have a couple of videos that have the sound of us talking and they were taken with an iphone6. pics are useless, but visible. please accept my apologies for the language too, i was just amazed and i don’t know how to edit that out. choose from the following videos. (mufon_01 explicit.Mov, mufon_02 explicit.Mov, mufon_01 afa before too low to see.Mov, mufon_01 photo w-flash.Jpg and mufon_02 photo w-no flash.Jpg). to finalize this report, it is morning now and i am just still trying to figure this one out, looking at life differently. this was one of the most unusual sights i have ever seen in my almost 48 years on earth. i also just scrolled through mufon reports prior to posting this one. there is another report about thirty miles away, as the crow flies from here, in divide colorado, that describes exactly what we saw here in the springs, same date. (report- 86811). the descriptions of the objects i saw ‘flying into the airport’ down here, before the second ‘disco ball’ were exactly like he has described. similar to the blue angels, a very tight, military type flight pattern, while they were banking or turning south. i almost forgot... luckily i did a sound recording of exactly what i was observing. the afa ‘disco light’ could be seen as i walk from inside of house, toward the back deck. that light was gone now. i opened the door and looked to the right, where the second of the original lights were seen and there in the n-ne sky, sure as anything, possibly a third ‘disco ball’ was observed one fist length above and one fist length to the south of second ne object. so, the second (first ne) object is now less brilliant, by probably 50% or more, and the “third” new object is now just as bright as the very first seen pronounced ‘disco’ light. for how i lost sight of the objects, i didn't lose site but of just the one over the afa, that lower down toward earth. i did look before i went to bed and the objects in the ne sky were not there anymore, around three hours later. tldr; **mufon investigator - please edit content as you deem appropriate - i have recorded my words and have tried to think about this, but so much seemed to go on last night, that i cannot quite fit all of this report into a solid occurrence of what my wife and i observed. this was absolutely not iss floating over or any other satellite, balloons, fruitful rainbows or anything else that some may suggest. i have phone apps for all of those sky 'trackers', and this was an unusually real and rare event for us. all of the objects i have mentioned, did not rotate with the earth cycle, they rotated with us as the earth is moving, with us viewing from within. so they remained at the exact spot for the total length of sighting. i even used the houses as indicators.** thank you – keep up the great work on mufon – the world needs this info publicly shared :)

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