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Derry, UK

Sighted on Saturday 17. February 2018
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Shape: Round | Duration: 20 seconds

3 bright points of light moving steadily east to west over Derry city centre area at 8.20pm. In triangular formation. The southern-most one veered very quickly to the south and then rejoined the formation. The centre one then veered north slightly and instantly rejoined the formation,still progressing steadily southwards. The southern one then veered south again and smoothly rejoined the triangle. There was no sound from the objects and no variation in brightness. The thing that really struck me was the way they moved. The rapidity of the direction changes, which were dramatic and the seamless way they were able to come back into formation without lagging behind. These were not planes or helicopters. I have never seen anything like this before. Unfortunately I did not have a camera or phone with me at the time. I don't think the image would have been good anyhow.

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