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Grand Forks, British Columbia (Canada)

Sighted on Thursday 12. January 2017
Reported on
Shape: Other | Duration: 12:04:05

My name is jarred padmoroff and i'm followed by extra terrestrials i know they are of the greys acent it started when i was twelve when i was examined because they wanted to know how to build a soul and till this day it continues i've tried twice now to tell you all about it but no mater what or where when i go to send this something happens the first time my phone died at 68 percent and i lost everything as usual and the second on my parents computer and it was again lost because the computer rebooted itself please email me i would love to let go let you in on my story cause i need your help aswell and i'm positive i can help aswell they just control and limit me so please get back to me by email or phone and hopefully we can go from there. my name is jarred padmoroff and i was born march 26 1980. there's got to be a way we can get together and let me share what i've seen and what i know. i've got 7 witnesses and footage and everything possible to prove that i've got a lot of interest in me from another place out there and i can't say much more but they do not allow me to share what is happening hopefully you guys can help i can show you in person and you guys can video and do whatever you want it's crazy and it seems to just keep getting more intense please contact me hopefully we can find a way to pass on this extreme phenodno that evils around me fr the age of 11 to tonoght

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Location Sighted on Shape Duration
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Grand Forks, British Columbia 2017-12-16 2 separate bright orange balls 3-4 minutes
Malo, Washington (United States) 2017-07-02 N, A 01:00:00
Kettle Falls, WA 2017-06-20 Circle 5 minutes
Riverside, WA 2017-04-07 Other 2 seconds
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Castlegar, British Columbia (Canada) 2017-02-02 Sphere 00:08:00
Grand Forks, British Columbia (Canada) 2017-01-12 Other 12:04:05
Penticton, British Columbia (Canada) 2017-01-04 Sphere
Malo, WA 2016-08-31 Light 5 minutes
Curlew, WA 2016-08-11 Chevron 1.5 hours
Greenwood, British Columbia (Canada) 2016-07-20 Circle 01:47:00
Grand Forks, British Columbia (Canada) 2016-07-15 Disc 00:00:01
Grand Forks, British Columbia (Canada) 2016-03-31 Disc Undisclosed
Addy, Washington (United States) 2016-03-06 Sphere Undisclosed
Colville, WA 2016-01-01 Circle 1 hour
Ione, WA 2015-07-03 Other 30 minutes
Oliver, British Columbia (Canada) 2015-06-11 Star-like Undisclosed
Addy, Washington (United States) 2015-02-15 Cigar Undisclosed
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Tonasket, WA 2014-02-07 Cigar 2-3 minutes
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Grand Forks, British Columbia (Canada) 2013-12-03 Blimp, Boomerang 00:05:00
Colville, WA 2013-10-17 Light 4-5 minutes
Penticton, British Columbia (Canada) 2013-09-01 Oval Undisclosed
Colville, Washington (United States) 2013-08-31 Triangle Undisclosed
Republic, WA 2013-08-13 Unknown proceeding still
Salmo (Canada), BC 2013-08-10 Sphere 3-5 minutes
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Republic, Washington (United States) 2013-01-14 Circle, Disc, Sphere 00:00:03
Chewelah, Washington (United States) 2012-08-15 Boomerang 00:02:13
Chewelah, Washington (United States) 2012-07-04 Disc, Sphere Undisclosed
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Collville (Canada), BC 2012-05-26 Triangle 05 seconds
Republic, Washington (United States) 2012-04-22 Sphere Undisclosed
Republic, WA 2011-11-23 Circle 10 min
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Castlegar, British Columbia (Canada) 2011-08-23 Circle, Sphere, Star-like 01:30:00
Republic, WA 2011-07-09 Other 20 seconds
Penticton, British Columbia (Canada) 2011-06-30 Sphere, Star-like Undisclosed
Chesaw, WA 2011-06-11 Other 20 minutes
Ione, WA 2011-01-18 Fireball 1.5 seconds
Oroville, WA 2010-10-02 Sphere 2-3 HOURS
Colville, WA 2010-09-04 Disk 2 minutes
Trail (Canada), BC 2010-07-03 Light 3 minutes
Northport, WA 2010-06-15 Formation 3 minutes
Penticton, British Columbia (Canada) 2009-09-20 Sphere, Triangle Undisclosed
Penticton, British Columbia (Canada) 2009-07-24 Boomerang, Cigar, Cylinder Undisclosed
South Slocan (Canada), BC 2009-06-29 Disk 23:50- 0:05
Penticton (Canada), BC 2009-02-09 Sphere 30 minutes
Rice, WA 2008-09-28 Light 5 minutes
Keremeos, British Columbia (Canada) 2008-09-20 Disc, Sphere, Unknown Undisclosed
Penticton (Canada), BC 2008-08-25 Sphere 30 mins +
Evans, WA 2008-07-18 Light 1min 30sec
Grand Forks (Canada), BC 2008-06-07 Disk
Penticton, British Columbia (Canada) 2007-08-17 Cone 00:01:01
Ione, WA 2007-07-26 Circle 10MIN
Trail (Canada), BC 2007-06-19 Unknown 5-15 seconds
Onion Creek, WA 2006-10-01 Chevron one minute
Onion Creek, WA 2006-08-31 Light 30 sec.
Onion Creek, WA 2006-08-20 Flash 1 second
Oroville, Washington (United States) 2006-08-05 Star-like 00:00:10
Addy, WA 2006-07-09 Unknown 10 min
Colville, Washington (United States) 2006-07-04 Circle, Flash, Oval 00:00:10
Onion Creek, WA 2006-03-25 Fireball 4 seconds
Wauconda, WA 2005-08-28 Light 15 MIN
Penticton, British Columbia (Canada) 2005-06-18 Circle, Triangle, Other Undisclosed
Kettle Falls, WA 2005-02-22 Fireball 3 seconds
Republic, WA 2004-12-25 Unknown
Penticton (Canada), BC 2004-08-15 Light 5 sec
Oroville, WA 2004-08-11 Triangle 10 minutes
Trail (Canada), BC 2004-05-19 Triangle
Grand Forks (60 km North of) (Arrow Lakes) (Canada), BC 2004-04-08 Diamond 40.00 min
Trail (Canada), BC 2004-03-25 Circle approx: 3 minutes
Oroville, WA 2004-01-11 Triangle 10 minutes
Ootischenia, Castlegar (Canada), BC 2003-10-03 Light 15 minutes
Slocan Park (Canada), BC 2003-10-01 Light few seconds
Oroville, WA 2003-09-27 Oval 2 seconds
Penticton (Canada), BC 2003-08-30 Fireball 3 seconds
Penticton (Canada), BC 2003-08-18 Other 4 seconds
Trail (Canada), BC 2003-07-17 Light approx: 4 sec.
Castlegar (Canada), BC 2003-07-10 Triangle 2-3 min
Wauconda, WA 2003-05-01 Light 1 minute +/-
South Selkirk (Canada), BC 2003-02-12 Light 5 to 6 seconds
Kettle Falls, WA 2002-11-11 Fireball 5 seconds
Curlew, WA 2002-10-20 Sphere 1 minute
Republic, WA 2002-09-01 Light 10 minutes
Curlew, WA 2002-08-31 Light 1minute
Colville, WA 2002-08-28 Light 20-45seconds