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Hidden Valley Lake, California (United States)

Sighted on Thursday 11. July 2019
Reported on
Shape: Sphere | Duration: 00:17:00

On the evening of july 11th just before 7pm pdt was getting ready to barbeque on our outer back deck; sky was deep blue and clear (no clouds) and still light. observed in the sky an object. called my wife over and son to observe it, as well as called a friend not far away in my neighborhood who also witnessed the object in the sky and took a pic (as did the associate of another friend of mine whose photo was shared with me). i myself had my iphone as i was using a timer on it for our bbq food, and took some still pictures zooming in on the object as best i could. object hovered unmoving for at least 3 minutes. it appeared small (comparative to perhaps size of a small pill/ aspirin) but seemed to grow even smaller (perhaps ascending?). during the visual, a commercial jet flew over (common here) on its approach to the sf bay area. i was able to snap a picture of the object and the passing jet in the same pic. initially we thought it might be a drone, but it seemed very high (hard to gauge altitude, but as others saw it in our community it must have had some size and altitude). the object began to then slowly move toward the north, passing behind trees and out of my visual range until i walked to other side of my property and continued to slowly see it moving north-east. it did not change shape, color, but did seem to move against the wind (at least the wind at my elevation of about 1,500 feet on the mountainside). it made no sound. the moon was visible as well, but much lower to the horizon (i took a pic of it as well to compare). the whole event that we observed occurred in about a period of 17 minutes. i do wish i could have zoomed in on object better with my own phone, or perhaps even recorded it, but had the bbq going and timer going on my iphone and so i just took some quick pics (uploaded). it was interesting. have no idea what it could be as i really think it may have been too large to be a drone of some sort (drones are not allowed in our gated community and not commonly seen here) and was pretty circular/ round to be a balloon (plus it seemed to slowly begin traveling against the wind direction at that time, or at least at my elevation). the first four pics are mine (including one of the moon i took as comparison as pic # 4; the fifth is a friend about a quarter of a mile away, the last was shared with me by a friend whose associate in the area had taken a much closer pic of the object than i was able to do at the time).

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