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Geyserville, California (United States)

Sighted on Friday 05. January 2018
Reported on
Shape: Triangle | Duration: 03:00:00

While sitting outside i noticed a large flash, then another in another location. within an hour through my monocular night vision, the movement between what appeared to be stars became apparent. in all directions but most densely coming from the south w to the north w, were combining, separating and positioning all over the sky. at one point i almost felt the cloud above may have been masking a ufo much larger a football field. clouds were very thick, but thin, moved steadily across the sky but made sure not to cross over the moon, only the edges would momentarily and the stark white moons light showed that the cloud was actually rust colored. never could verify the large object but all the other triangles and erratically moving "lights" all kept above and around the cloud... before noticing this cloud but after noticing first cluster of lights moving along in west, moving from the south to north, shortly after i observed it and flashed it with my own ir illuminator it quickly moved out of eye sight behind hills/trees. about 10 mins a very loud military sounding helicopter flew directly over my property. and about ten minutes after this, i noticed a plane coming from nw to se, normal in all assumptions except for the very faint (only visible in monocular) traveling behind it. observed approximately 6-8 sets of triangles, one of which almost reflected back off my ir light, best guess on size was private plane 9-14 individual lights gathered in the direction of the south west (nearest arial landmark would be the litter dioper 3 extremely brights slow moving objects that gave off streaky, almost ethereal glow toward one direction) one halogen headlight blue, and the other two were a white/orange. 1 helicopter 1 plane (along with unknown object fairly near to it) 1 very curious mass of cloud, flat, thick, (copper/rust red) and varied speeds of motion with possibility that also somehow perfectly never let the moons light fall behind it which would have cleared my vision. by the time i noticed the group and the singular objects, it was as if they already knew and began watching me back, because

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