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Lakeport, California (United States)

Sighted on Monday 24. July 2017
Reported on
Shape: N, A | Duration: 00:05:00

Last few day's i have been eating and cooking outside to be more with the environment. today though just a bit ago. i look up in the sky and see a bright light. i heard nothing. usually i can hear planes. there was no blinking lights from my point of view. normally i can even see satellites blinking and they are much further away than this was. i tell my friend to tell me if i'm wrong but i think i see a ufo.. he starts to agree as he witnesses the same as mentioned above. unlike the rest of the world we pull out our phones and record. this object was unlike anything my mind has seen. very quite and not flying perfectly straight. heading north out of view. after we caught pics and video we decided to watch with our own eyes, for this may not ever happen again. we also decide to call out to it and put up peace signs. we felt stupid for not doing that when it was directly above us. we had a sense of aww. that feeling started to dissipate, until we looked at the video and zoomed it. i pleasantly freaked out. this was not a plane nor anything i have seen. the object looked as though it may not have been an object, but it may have been. bright lights of several colors and a moment of combustion possibly. but the array of colors was magnificent. possibly a craft with a triangle around it but not connected at the edges. reminds me of movies about star travel where the small ship has to align with an object to achieve a faster rate of travel. not that, that seems to be the case, but i just can't explain it at all. i doubt anyone knows what i saw. but after i saw several planes, even a jet fly by, then five or ten minutes after that i saw the weirdest thing, another low flying plane, maybe military with bright lights, carrying something it seemed to be normal maybe to sum, though really odd to me, especially that this was the first time i ever seen something like this and it was right after i saw a ufo. i would send you video and the pictures, but i do not want to hand you over the rights to it. what is your problem. i could send you it..

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