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Welcome to First Contact Canada

Published on Tuesday 09. April 2019 , by

Hi,All UFOnauts,

I Started making UFO Videos on youtube as AnnimatrixZoneReports in 2007 I'm happy to find this site here today so I'll be sharing some here as well as new ones, I Am a Multidimentional Experimenter and will also be relating some of my own Telephatic experiences with Various Races out there.and around here.

My dream is to bring about a real Contact Platform, from The People Demanding to Space Agencies to divulge own Secret Space Program, to bring about Great Change to all the problems Earth faces Today...with The Technologies They Have Been Using Such as Electromagnetic levitation, Food Replicators, Bed Med to heal and rejuvenate All. Garbage desintegrators,Teleportàtion pods, Black holes to go faster than the Speed of light..Star Gates...All Alien and Animal languages Translator..and all other technologies that is already been used in ou and other Space Station throughout this our Solar System by the Secret Space Program while we here are keep in the dark ,...and in 2019 it's Grand time We Stop the Lies and get on with That Program to Protect/heal and clean up our mess,.. Nature Intelligence has got to be retired from fighting Humanity nonchallence and heartless behaviors,...and I'm certain that total Disclosure is imminent .,if NASA dont do it ..We The People Will do it!!! We have been taken for fools for to long.

this,..I Annimatrix bid You a Good Day...n keep your Cameras Ready at All time!!!


More will fallow.

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