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About UFO Hunters

An unidentified flying object, or UFO, in its most general definition, is any apparent anomaly in the sky (or near or on the ground, but observed hovering, landing, or departing into the sky) that is not readily identifiable as any known object or phenomenon by visual observation and/or use of associated instrumentation such as radar. These anomalies were referred to popularly as "flying saucers" or "flying discs" during the late 1940s and early 1950s."

Wikipedia definition of UFO

That is the wikipedia's definition of Unidentified Flying Object. ufo-hunters.com collects a huge data set of sightings all over the world. Our main purpose is to collaborate spreading objective UFO data. We thank the work of organizations such as NUFORC and MUFON that collect and investigate sighting reports and are a source of inspiration for us.

Who's behind ufo-hunters.com ?


Francisco José Fernández de Pedro

Co-Founder / Developer / Data Analyst


José Carlos García Pérez

Co-Founder / Developer / Data Analyst

Behind ufo-hunters.com there are two enthusiast guys of both extraterrestrial life and new technologies. Our first purpose was to collaborate in the dissemination of UFO Data as we found the large data set available at infochimps.com: 60,000+ DOCUMENTED UFO SIGHTINGS WITH TEXT DESCRIPTIONS AND METADATA"

Our secondary purpose was to experiment with new technologies, and had the challenge to publish this project to production in a few weeks. At this point we know we chose the best possible stack and are proud to claim that all the resources and technologies we used are open source.

Currently we are focused in the analysis of all these reports trying to get insight from the data.



José Luis García

Visual Designer

José Luis kindly designed our logo, images, icons and a lot more... he gave ufo-hunters.com an indentity.

Using his own words, José Luis is "just a lucky person in love with my family and my work. I’ve always been a Visual Designer. Everywhere I look, I see design and taste. I’m an essence searcher who admires simplicity. That’s why Design is essential for me, since it ‘s the ultimate expression and shape of everything."

José Luis can also be contacted at lefthandedgraphic.com


Art Champoux

UFO Investigator

Art Champoux has been an UFO investigator since 1964. He has worked with Ray FowlerWalter WebbJohn Keel, and a lady that he cannot name, as well as several different UFO groups.

In the 1960s he collaborated with APROCAPERNIACP, being an investigator when the Aerial Phenomena Research Organisation (APRO) was very prominent in the UFO investigating business. Now he collaborates with MUFON.

The world of the paranormal has always fascinated him, even as a small boy he went through some eerie happenings. His Great Grandmother was a Spirit medium, so maybe he inherited some kind of a special connection with the paranormal. He has written articles for several publications and his leanings are much like John Keel's. He believes there is an ultra-force, not from outer space, but much like John Keel's ideas or even Jacques Vallees' contention..."We are but one dimension out of many that reign on this planet".

You can email Art at [email protected].


Paul Shishis

UFO Hunter

Paul Shishis has been experiencing contact with ETs and UFOs for some time in Canada.

He has been viewing and capturing both pictures and videos of UFOs in Ontario, Canada, for many years.

He thinks "It is now time in my life to step forward to help bring awareness to the citizens of the world that indeed there are higher forces surrounding us all. I mainly stand for love and peace which has been missed for 1000's of years. There is indeed an alien presences amongst this planet and I feel it a duty to humanity in the sharing of truth and justice for free will of our birthright."

Paul Shishis can be contacted at [email protected]


Courtney Ball

UFO Enthusiast

Courtney is a UFO enthusiast interested in the many UFO sightings reported in Ohio.

Courtney is currently investigating the UFO activity in Ohio over the past decades, feel free to contact her at [email protected]


Éric Tessier

UFO Hunter

Éric has been curious about UFO a good part of his life, now he has created a team, "Quebec UFO Hunter", based in the Great Montreal Area, Canada.

Curieux depuis plusieurs année sur les ovnis, maintenant j ai creé un groupe "Quebec UFO Hunter", basé dans la région de Montréal.

You can contact Éric both in French or English at [email protected]



MA UFO Hunting Group

MUPHART (Massachussets Unknown Phenomena Hunting and Research Team) is a UFO hunting group from the Boston Area, MA. Since 2009 it has been looking for UFO's after its founder, Damian, saw several in a short time span.

Since 2013 it has caught many UFO's on film, and posted many ufo footage videos on its youtube channel.

Damian from MUPHART films the night sky with a digital camcorder every monday night looking for UFO's. Most of the time nothing is seen. But every once and a while something weird gets on camera. Entire investigations into the night sky are filmed on MUPHART's UFO channel once a week. Check them out there.

Cisu sardinia


Centro Italiano Studi Ufologici

CISU stands for Centro Italiano Studi Ufologici. The Italian Center for UFO Studies was founded in 1985, as a merging from three different experiences:

  • a dozen former directors of Centro Ufologico Nazionale (CUN)
  • UPIAR (Ufo Phenomena International Annual Review) Cooperative members
  • Clypeus/Ufologia editorial team

CISU is a private, no-profit organization based on volunteer work of its unpaid members.



All kind of information, news and videos about UFOs, Mysteries and Disclosure.

Daily Exclusive #UFO Sightings, Breaking News, Area 51 and Disclosure videos from around the World. The Truth is Coming! #DiscloseNow


UFO Union TV

UFO's | Aliens | Technology | Chemtrails | HAARP | & News Related To Secret Alien Tech Projects

UFO Union TV digs and shares Aliens & UFO related stories...

Get involved

There are many ways to contribute to ufo-hunters.com and the UFO community. You may collect UFO reports, join a UFO organization such as MUFON or NUFORC, or ellaborate an article to share your story if you witnessed a UFO or had an encounter.

If you are a UFO investigator and want to share your work, just send us a doc or link and we will publish it here.

If there's some other way you'd like to contribute, feel free to contact us! Thanks for your interest!

How did we build ufo-hunters.com ?

All the UFO data we collect is regularly imported into a NoSQL database called MongoDB, with geospatial "2dsphere" indexes that considerably ease all the stuff with coordinates and geolocation.

We also used some resources available at freeCSStemplates.org

This site is built with an incredibly powerful web framework called Ruby on Rails, that uses the most eloquent and elegant programming language we've ever used.

Some of the images in this site are available at OpenClipArt.org

We've applied lots of javascript resources, such as the well known jQuery, jQuery.carouFredSel "a plugin that turns any kind of HTML element into a carousel", and D3.js for data-driven documents generation.

The current responsive version of the site has been developed using Twitter BootStrap.