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Whittier, Ca. mid 1970's

Published on Thursday 10. August 2023

It was around 1976-78 on a Thanksgiving holiday that I saw a low flying object near Imperial Hwy and Valley View in Whittier California. I was outside playing with my cousin and aunt who only about 3 years older than me. I was about 10-12 years old. We looked up to the sky and there was a low flying saucer shaped object with colored lights on the bottom. It was moving slowly. We watched for about a minute, then we ran in the house to get the adults outside to see this. They laughed and thought we were pranking them. When we finally got them outside it was gone. At the time of this event, there was a dairy farm on the other side of Imperial Hwy where the object was coming from. This was so low, that there had to be others that saw this. I am hoping someone else will come forward to corroborate this sighting. I actually drew a picture using paint program to show what I saw. I'll post it if I can figure out how.

The United States Congress is holding historic UFO hearings

Published on Wednesday 26. July 2023

In a historic moment, the halls of the U.S. Congress were abuzz with anticipation as witnesses stepped forward to testify about Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP). A line of intrigued onlookers formed, including renowned figures like Daniel Sheehan and Jay King, all eager to glimpse the truth. As the clock struck 4:10 p.m., the session commenced, revealing shocking insights from whistleblowers, Navy commanders, and Air Force officers. Amidst intense questioning, allegations of cover-ups and encounters with otherworldly crafts came to light. The world watched, spellbound, as secrets from a covert program of UFO recovery and reverse engineering unfolded. And as the last witness left the stand, lawmakers were left with an astonishing revelation - the possibility of intelligent extraterrestrial life visiting our planet for over nine decades. The implications of this unprecedented disclosure sent ripples through humanity, with urgent calls for transparency and accountability reaching a crescendo. The stage was set for a new era, as the quest for the truth about UAPs ignited a fire that would change the course of history forever.


UFO sighting 1987 september

Published on Wednesday 16. February 2022

In 1987 on a warm September evening i was 15 years old .