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Close encounters of the questionable kind.

Published on Wednesday 02. January 2019

as we watched the light intently, about the time the first one was directly overhead a second one appeared about where the first one did


About ten or so seconds after the third light appeared, the first one seemed to  stop and appeard to begin climing, as it looked to get smaller and smaller until a few seconds into the climb just disapeared.

Help Wanted:

Published on Sunday 07. October 2018

I'm a Radio-TV-Electronics hobbyist in Virginia working on development of a new method for detecting and authenticating UFO activity using a simple and very inexpensive "passive radar" technique. Colleagues and collaborators are needed to help make the plan a success.

Florence Arizona UFO's

Published on Wednesday 04. July 2018

Happy 4th of July everyone! 

We have been watching the stars and objects in the sky for more than two years here in Florence AZ. It wasn't until about 3 months ago that really paid more close attention to them. I'd noticed that the very bright stars were changing positions, colors and jetting across the sky faster than anything I'd ever seen before! I first noticed two of them and then a third red one and one night we discovered 5 of them all right from my back yard. I decided to pick up my camera and zoom in on them. We could not believe our eyes! They were spinning in circles, changing shape and color and size. The more we watched the more active they became. I started taking pics and videos with no special effects on. I have an iPhone with live pics. I pressed on the pic screen and discovered the objects didn't look or act like a star at all. I went into the edit mode and saw the round object that looked like a very bright star to the naked eye was actually something else. My live phone takes a brief live pic similar a 3 second video. So while in edit mode I zoomed in on the object and looked at it frame by frame. Each frame position showed that the object changed shape and color! It was really amazing. 

We began to watch the star like objects  every night for a few nights in a row. The more we watched them they began to mirror image us. They showed us pictures of us!!! Pics of my dogs!!! Pictures of faces of men and women. It's like they were communicating with us in a friendly way and letting us know that they too are watching us. 

Mine star



Published on Monday 16. April 2018

The Lights in the Sky are real and may not be so friendly?   Advanced civilizations would view us as dummies, but may have a use for some who are awake or trying to awake? Sissy, my gifted psychic sister, gave us the ET message back in the 1960's (sharing below).  No one wants to hear we're doomed including me a la many are called but few are chosen.........

READ MORE:  www.ozarkangel.com (sorry I can't find Link button).