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Cube ufo over Thurston

Published on Friday 10. April 2020

I beat on a neibors door ,a woman pulled back the curtin .i said come out here u got to see this . She said to me scared ,my husband has a shotgun . I told her tell him to bring it

My UAP Experience and Thoughts

Published on Friday 20. March 2020

My wife and friend corroberated their UAP sighting of more than 30 years ago: On a bright day in June, 1986, while I was flying back from Washington, DC, my wife and her friend were commuting home from work in broad daylight on a freeway near downtown Oakland. My wife was driving in normal commute-hour traffic when her friend in the passenger seat exclaimed, "You've got to see this!" and stuck her head out her window.

When my wife replied, "What is it?", her friend, who was clearly unnerved by now, responded, "I don't know." Because downtown Oakland was on the opposite side of the car, my wife leaned forward and looked right but could see nothing unusual. So her friend offered to take the wheel. Leaning forward and down and looking right, my wife saw what her friend was excited to see: A huge black aircraft many times the size of a 747. No markings or windows. Hovering over downtown Oakland. At commute hour.

My response later that evening when I got home was to have my wife and her friend, separately, describe the experience in their own words and then draw pictures of what they saw. Their stories and drawings matched.

Jump forward more than 30 years to September, 2018, and I am traveling alone back to New Mexico to meet cousins from Ohio not seen in decades. It's shortly after 5pm and my Amtrak train, the Southwest Chief, has just left Union Station (Los Angeles) and I am in my roomette facing forward, rearranging my luggage and other items in the very compact room. As I settle back in the forward-facing seat, I look briefly out the window to my left at the clear blue cloudless sky. I do a classic double-take as something catches my eye. In the otherwise cloudless sky is a perfectly spherical cloud. And as I watch, my jaw drops as a white capsule-shaped UAP (no wings or engines visible) emerges from the cloud and proceeds slowly across the sky. Then my mind reels a little as a large black unmaked heliocopter swoops into view from the left, turning and heading in the direction of the UAP, which proceeds to reverse direction and head back to the cloud. My train is picking up speed and traveling away from  the scene. I lose sight of the unfolding drama behind me. At commute hour in the skies over Los Angeles.

But I was alone in my roomette and had no one to corroberate my sighting.







Three UFO's in Formation

Published on Sunday 09. June 2019

With my parents and another family, all members of a local Flying Saucer Club, (6) persons, in Wakeman, Ohio. We were out on hot July evening, my parents friends rolled up in their pickup truck to our house, yelled to my parents, Lewis and Doris Kuhn, we told you there are flying saucers ?  We all looked to the South where the friends were pointing, to see three craft traveling West to East?  Within 4 to 5 seconds, two of the craft turned South with a square corner, and the last craft continued East. We all knew what we had seen, that the turn was so abrupt, estimated at 30 G's. The craft were estimated to be going 400 to 500 MPH, were round in shape, estimated level at about 1000 feet. We were unable to see any metalic surface because the craft looked like the hot fuzzy bright white as they passed about a 1000. feet South of our family home. Nothing was ever explained to me by my parents or their freinds, or the Woodslabin family. Date of sighting.................. July 7, 1955.         I am a believer. We just have too much proof before and after my sight. - (6/09/2019)


Published on Tuesday 28. May 2019

I know what I saw!

Welcome to First Contact Canada

Published on Tuesday 09. April 2019

Hi,All UFOnauts,

I Started making UFO Videos on youtube as AnnimatrixZoneReports in 2007 I'm happy to find this site here today so I'll be sharing some here as well as new ones, I Am a Multidimentional Experimenter and will also be relating some of my own Telephatic experiences with Various Races out there.and around here.

My dream is to bring about a real Contact Platform, from The People Demanding to Space Agencies to divulge own Secret Space Program, to bring about Great Change to all the problems Earth faces Today...with The Technologies They Have Been Using Such as Electromagnetic levitation, Food Replicators, Bed Med to heal and rejuvenate All. Garbage desintegrators,Teleportàtion pods, Black holes to go faster than the Speed of light..Star Gates...All Alien and Animal languages Translator..and all other technologies that is already been used in ou and other Space Station throughout this our Solar System by the Secret Space Program while we here are keep in the dark ,...and in 2019 it's Grand time We Stop the Lies and get on with That Program to Protect/heal and clean up our mess,.. Nature Intelligence has got to be retired from fighting Humanity nonchallence and heartless behaviors,...and I'm certain that total Disclosure is imminent .,if NASA dont do it ..We The People Will do it!!! We have been taken for fools for to long.

this,..I Annimatrix bid You a Good Day...n keep your Cameras Ready at All time!!!