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Strange Orb

Published on Monday 31. January 2022

June 12, 2021 Emerald Isle

Alien Encounters Of The Third Dimension

Published on Sunday 03. October 2021

wiki leaks had claimed at night is when a stick figure came out of hiding and it scared them so bad that they actually thought it had came from outer space and they went on and on and on about the way their space ship had looked they said it had a triangle shaped front with wheels on the bottom of it with wings that is on a aircraft but they had actually thought it had came from outer space they said he was about 30 feet tall and had spikes sticking out the top of his head pointing backwards and the other one wiki leaks had claimed looked like he was the color black with long eyes that came down long on both sides of the face and they actually thought it had came from outer space they said they could see the lights and sounds of a aircraft while they would walk around outside they started talking about how they could not sleep at night because of their nightmares they had because of it and they also had mentioned that their dreams was about floating around in outer space going to the other planet known as xyz

Vanishing Star

Published on Wednesday 05. May 2021

I was biking at night before the COVID starts back in feb-2020.

It was aroung 9 PM and I was in front of Bogus elementary school in Town of Murphy Texas. Something thought told me to stop and look at the sky. I stopped and stared above. There were two ordinary stars next to each other. But were not blinking. Small size, nothing significant. But I (for no reason that I can think of) kept staring and staring at these two. Went on for four to five minutes and my neck was getting tired and I was about to bring my head down that suddenly the right sided star very slowly dimmed and got vanished!

It was the first time in my life I have seen a Star behave like a dimming light. Diminished and vanished in 2-3 seconds.No explosion, no bright light it just dimmed and got dark. I felt very scared and I told myself "How many more of these bright lights then are really "STAR"?! What told me to stare at these objects? Are our thoughts and our behavior somehow gets dictated by these?


My first experience

Published on Tuesday 27. April 2021

Picture a rural farm in eastern Oklahoma. Now imagine a military style helicopter flying overhead... without any rotor sounds, or even blades spinning. This is what I witnessed in 2000, and have witnessed many more " helicopters" since.