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Piura, Perú

Sighted on Monday 22. January 2024
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Shape: Oval | Duration: one minute

Dear UFO Hunters, I am Professor Josué Gonzáles, from Piura Peru. For many years I have tried to demonstrate that intelligent contact with extraterrestrial beings is possible, it is verifiable with photos and videos, and it is repetitive, like the scientific method, and we can demonstrate that sightings can occur to the same people in different places. In this year 2024 I have decided to open my entire personal archive of photos and videos of objects sighted at night and day here in Piura, Peru for more than 25 years. I MUST GUARANTEE THAT ALL THE VIDEO MATERIAL WE POSSESS IS ORIGINAL AND CAN BE SUBJECTED TO ALL TYPES OF FILM TESTS. We have copied the links to some of our materials on YouTube, the most common sightings that occur here in Piura and all over the world. But our best sighting videos are still unpublished but little by little we will publish them in different media. It is time to bring the truth to light. From Teacher Josué Gonzáles, from Piura, Peru. (February 5, 2024)


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