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Three UFO's in Formation

Published on Sunday 09. June 2019 , by

With my parents and another family, all members of a local Flying Saucer Club, (6) persons, in Wakeman, Ohio. We were out on hot July evening, my parents friends rolled up in their pickup truck to our house, yelled to my parents, Lewis and Doris Kuhn, we told you there are flying saucers ?  We all looked to the South where the friends were pointing, to see three craft traveling West to East?  Within 4 to 5 seconds, two of the craft turned South with a square corner, and the last craft continued East. We all knew what we had seen, that the turn was so abrupt, estimated at 30 G's. The craft were estimated to be going 400 to 500 MPH, were round in shape, estimated level at about 1000 feet. We were unable to see any metalic surface because the craft looked like the hot fuzzy bright white as they passed about a 1000. feet South of our family home. Nothing was ever explained to me by my parents or their freinds, or the Woodslabin family. Date of sighting.................. July 7, 1955.         I am a believer. We just have too much proof before and after my sight. - (6/09/2019)

On a hot July evening in Wakeman, Ohio, while standing outside with my parents, my parents friends drove up to the front of our home in their pickup truck, while yelling out, see Lew and Doris, there are UFO's ! We all looked South to where they were pointing, to see 3 craft in formation, traveling West to East at a height of approximately 1000 feet, and 400 to 500 MPH. Within 4 to 5 seconds, two of the craft turned abruptly to the right, to go South,  with a sharp radius, without slowing down. The third craft continued East. I estimated that the turn was about a 30 G turn. We knew what we had seen. No human could survive a 30 G turn. We could not see a metalic surface, but the craft's were round with a very bright hot fuzzy surface. There was no noise noted from the craft. We knew what we had just witnessed. Four of the six people present were members of the local Flying Saucer Club. My science teached was the President. Date- July 7, 1955. 

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