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My UAP Experience and Thoughts

Published on Friday 20. March 2020 , by

My wife and friend corroberated their UAP sighting of more than 30 years ago: On a bright day in June, 1986, while I was flying back from Washington, DC, my wife and her friend were commuting home from work in broad daylight on a freeway near downtown Oakland. My wife was driving in normal commute-hour traffic when her friend in the passenger seat exclaimed, "You've got to see this!" and stuck her head out her window.

When my wife replied, "What is it?", her friend, who was clearly unnerved by now, responded, "I don't know." Because downtown Oakland was on the opposite side of the car, my wife leaned forward and looked right but could see nothing unusual. So her friend offered to take the wheel. Leaning forward and down and looking right, my wife saw what her friend was excited to see: A huge black aircraft many times the size of a 747. No markings or windows. Hovering over downtown Oakland. At commute hour.

My response later that evening when I got home was to have my wife and her friend, separately, describe the experience in their own words and then draw pictures of what they saw. Their stories and drawings matched.

Jump forward more than 30 years to September, 2018, and I am traveling alone back to New Mexico to meet cousins from Ohio not seen in decades. It's shortly after 5pm and my Amtrak train, the Southwest Chief, has just left Union Station (Los Angeles) and I am in my roomette facing forward, rearranging my luggage and other items in the very compact room. As I settle back in the forward-facing seat, I look briefly out the window to my left at the clear blue cloudless sky. I do a classic double-take as something catches my eye. In the otherwise cloudless sky is a perfectly spherical cloud. And as I watch, my jaw drops as a white capsule-shaped UAP (no wings or engines visible) emerges from the cloud and proceeds slowly across the sky. Then my mind reels a little as a large black unmaked heliocopter swoops into view from the left, turning and heading in the direction of the UAP, which proceeds to reverse direction and head back to the cloud. My train is picking up speed and traveling away from  the scene. I lose sight of the unfolding drama behind me. At commute hour in the skies over Los Angeles.

But I was alone in my roomette and had no one to corroberate my sighting.







I joined MUFON midyear 2019 after submitting my personal report (case #100197). Even in the wake of the personal revelations I summarized above, I waited many months before filing the report with MUFON. Why? I am in my early 70s and well aware of the ridicule that has been aimed by many in this society at anyone who has the courage to talk seriously about simliar personal experiences.

So, I am now completing more than eight months of intensive UAP research on the MUFON database (CMS). What have I found?

Thousands upon thousands of people with similar experiences. Around the world. In cases that cover more than a century.

What are my conclusions?

This is a global phenomenon that defies the explanations of the so-called experts, whether in government or science. I am thankful that the US Navy has released, within the past few years, some documentation of their experiences with UAPs (ie, the USS Nimitz and Roosevelt episodes). But all the evidence points to their continuing coverup (using 'top secret' classifications) of related material. Why? And other governments, such as those of Belgium, Chile and Mexico, appear finally to be more seriously involved in investigation of these phenomena.

So, why have governments, especially our own, historically failed to seriously investigate this phenomenon and, in some cases, suppressed evidence of the UAPs?

In the early years of the Cold War with the Communist Bloc, our government faced the first modern UAP sightings that received significant public press: the Kenneth Arnold report from Washington state in 1947. Then Roswell, where nearby the only US military air group with nuclear weapons was stationed (the 509th), also in 1947. Then the UAPs swarmed the skies (multiple times) over Washington, DC, itself in the summer of 1952. Was our government and military afraid that those phenomena could be evidence of advanced Soviet technology? What do you think? But did the instincts of our government and military to suppress the evidence, and ridicule and threaten those who made those and many other sightings, serve to prevent an open and serious discussion of the phenomenon? Absolutely, IMHO. And that mindset continues into the present...

My personal observation at this point in my research: Even today, with all the information and digital recordings (photos and videos) about UAPs available to the public on many different websites and databases, each person's beliefs will be tempered finally by their personal experience. And this will continue until our societies and governments decide to become open enough to admit that UAPs exist and should be seriously studied. Because the implications of UAP existence are too serious and important to ignore...




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