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Cube ufo over Thurston

Published on Friday 10. April 2020 , by

I beat on a neibors door ,a woman pulled back the curtin .i said come out here u got to see this . She said to me scared ,my husband has a shotgun . I told her tell him to bring it

Hello my name is - . I was born and raise in springfield oregon . My grandparents who i spent alot of time with lived in thurston . I was in my early 20s headed home it was around 3am . .i was out being young  that night having a good time ....i road a bicycle home that night .i was a half a block away from my grandparents home on laksonen loop when a red orb quietly flew over the top of me then over the hills to the north .then a blur orb followed the red one. I stopped my bike and looked where they come from and there was more coming down the hills in the south staying very low to the vally floor then up the hills in the north then disappear.i dropped my bike and ran up to a neibors house and started banging on the door ...the woman pulled a curtin back , and i said come out here u got to see this .....well she thought i was a mad man and said ,my husband s got a shotgun trying to scare me ....i told her to tell him to bring it ...the whole time thes orbs was still flying by  ...next i was in the middle of the street again with the man and his son and we watched a few more . He had a video camera and was trying to get it to turn on .he said i just charged this thing. At that point i looked up and there was two black cubes connected on 1 edge they looked shimmery like oil in water ,it was slowly tumbling above us...then it was gone ....we didnt see it fly over the hill with the rest. The camer powed up .and military planes were coming from all directions. the man and went our seperate ways .i never saw or talked to him again 1998, it is 2020 now. This thing i think abducted me for a split second then spit me out . There was a loss of time and power .the camera was dead when it was near us ....i had some bizzare dreams after this .i will tell u about them next time ...every since i have been tuned into the sky. I know when  look up and see them .i have seen and communicated  with 100s of ufos . My name is mark wood this is a true report . I hope to hear from that man again 1 day to talk about what happened that night.

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