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Latest sightings in The Bahamas

Latest UFO sightings in The Bahamas:

Location Sighted on Shape Duration
Location Sighted on Shape Duration
Andros Island, The Bahamas 2017-11-11 Circle -
Andros Island (The Bahamas) 2010-12-01 Flash 00:01:10
Spansh Cay/Abcos Inlands (Bahamas) (Near Coopers town) 1998-10-30 Sphere 1-2hrs
Andros Island (Bahamas) 1905-06-27 Circle 30 sec
Bahamas (Bermuda triangle) 2015-12-28 Sphere 15 minutes
Treasure Cay (Bahamas) 2014-11-26 Fireball 5 seconds
South Abaco (Bahamas) 1998-03-07 Cone 1 minute