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Sighted on Sunday 30. September 2012
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I was checking out the reported UFO in the sky,at Jacksonville, TX , from my I-Phone4 map on Sept.31, 2012, at 11 pm. I saw the he same thing as reported on U-Tube; a red object round pointed cone in the middle. Then, I think outside the box....scaning different city streets, & looking upward into the sky. what i found is amazing, hard to believe,and scareful. Using my I-Phone,I took pictures of the diffent locations and the believed UFO ojects. Some consit of translucent colors ouside (round aura shield) with the ojects inside. Some of the objects are red round with nipple-tip in the center, then followed by the translucent shield (as if the shield is following or proecting it. Some objects have a red saucer shape with light purple 1/2 round shape ball on top of them covered by the translucent shield or eye shape on Border Steet. The other objects are just too unexplainable to describe. I have many pictures...but are also found all over other cities. May I text them to You? My husband's I-Phone 4s won't let him view the city sreets like mine does.

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