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Sighted on Saturday 02. March 2002
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Shape: Changing | Duration: 5-10 min

STS109 UFO videoI recently viewed about a 7 min live clip from the current Shuttle flight STS109 on 3/2/02, clearly showing unusual objects flying by the shuttle. It archived at: http://www.extranettv.com/shows/cc/sts.html I contacted NASA and I got this email reply: "Thanks for your question. The capcom was talking to STS-109 Commander Scott Altman about ice on the engine bell housing. Sometimes it becomes dislodged and floats off, glittering and creating little prisms of light. This would not affect the mission in any way except if the ice began to impact objects in the payload bay with some velocity. With the Hubble Space Telescope berthed there now, that could cause problems. Fortunately, that didn't happen in this case.Best wishes, Terry McDonald NASA-JSC Web Team Human Space Flight Web http://spaceflight.nasa.gov"((NUFORC Note: Our gratitude to Jim Hickman, of "the Hickman Radio Report," for submitting this report. PD))

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