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Sighted on Saturday 01. February 2003
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UFO(s) in proximity to space shuttle ColumbiaThe above is NONE APPLICABLE as I experienced this sighting on TV coverage of the Columbia disaster. The disaster happened over Texas, I live in Massachusetts where I watched repeated video footage filmed about an hour earlier.This coverage was repeated several times while some spokesperson got their act together enough to say something. So I had ample time to study the video footage.I went channel surfing and got a channel that was showing the same footage as I was previously watching; BUT, this footage showed about five seconds more coverage at the beginning.With this earlier coverage I saw the smoking space craft travel past a disc shaped object whose diameter was about 3/4 the width of the contrail the shuttle was leaving in it's wake. The lighting of this object wasn't quite as bright as the shuttle and contrail. This appeared to the far right of my TV screen and the shuttle at this time wasn't appearing to be breaking apart.The object appeared below the contrail and would have been obscured if the network logo was being displayed at that time.The camera operator was apparently focused on the shuttle tracking it's flight trying to keep the subject centered in midscreen. Therefore the UFO disappeared off to the right of the screen as though it had no motion at all.Two days later I saw another UFO in close proximity to Columbia. This footage was reputed to have been videotaped in Nevada by an Air Force camera and the pre-dawn sky was darker in comparison to the footage shot over Texas.In the Air Force release I saw two brilliant spots of diffused light seperated from one-another. The light on the right traveling left toward the second light was leaving a contrail. The light on the left stayed stationary and the light on the right appeared to be on a collision. The camera operator went to wide lens and continued the coverage then when collision seemed imminent; coverage ceased.No mention was made of this bizarre display and neither scene has been shown since.That makes two UFO's I've seen in proximity to the shuttle Columbia.Through my connections I've heard that six others have experienced similiar sightings.

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