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Oslo (Norway)

Sighted on Monday 27. October 2008
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Shape: Unknown | Duration: 10 second

Extremly loud, clear and strange sounds and a voice that NEVER could be of this world !!!CITY: OSLO, NORWAY Late October 2008 Me and my x girlfriend were sitting in the living room and it was late.It was silent in the room and we intended to go to bed.Suddenly the Television turnes one by itself and it became "sandstorm" on the screen.The room was filled with strange electronic sounds and with others sounds.The reverb told me that it came from a huge hall, like hundred soccer fields! I could hear it was that big, because some strange sounds came from as it was on the "floor" and the sounds where like when spit is released in the mouth!! I have heard those electronic sounds once before, and it was on a radio program that clamed it was the way the stomach sound when it has got food and work with the food.!! The sounds where extremely loud, but also extremely clear, with an amazing sound quality.. I can tell because I have been working with music and sound studios.The sounds came from everywhere and not the best surround system in the world could make a surround like that. And the stereo in the living room could NEVER have made such a sound. Beside it had grounding problems so I would have heard the humming.BUT: Somewhere higher up in this huge room we then heard a voice. (male I guess) It sounded very demanding, and it spoke very slowly. But who can tell how many bits it came from the sinking and rising voice pr. Second?! The voice were very deep, and I can not explain, BUT the voice could never come from a human being!! If I would guess it was a large entity , more than 7 foot tall !! I would have kept it for my self, if I had been alone.I would have sayd that it was something in my brain, and nothing real. But two persons heard the same, and two persons can`t have the same hallucination!! These ten seconds is for me my second "meeting" with UFOs and ETs. In my childhood my mother and father and five children saw five UFOs. It became headlines in local news, because other people had seen them as well, and UFO Norway took reports. When they disappeared the speed was outstanding, and that’s an understatement! This was around the mid 60s. I now know that they were hanging over a certain mountain, because they were scrutinizing the NATO northern flanks radar facility in North Cape. I have heard that they are very interested in radars.((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that date is approximate. PD))

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