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Oslo, Oslo (Norway)

Sighted on Saturday 28. November 2015
Reported on
Shape: Boomerang | Duration: Undisclosed

I had just been dropped off a pre-christmasparty and was on my way home and I had begun walking. I had reached the backside (southside) of trainstation and I noticed a bright spot just below the clouds. I could not make out what it was since I had several drinks, and that I am near-sighted made it a bit worse, but it was too bright not to notice.It was quite windy that night so I thought it was peculiar that it stood still against the wind. I first thought it was a drone but then I realized that it did not have any directional lights and it was way too windy. I pulled out my phone to record it and it then started to move quite fast against the wind. (The wind was coming from south, and was about 7 meters per second (data from local weather-website)). The object was almost bird shaped when you see it front-to-back but the "wings" were much more prominent parabolic, in which I have never seen in a bird. Also, it was just under the clouds, maybe just a couple of meters.It began to move straight over me as I was filming northwards for then to turn right and towards west, I also then noticed another light coming from west going straight east in a very fast manner. I lost the first light as it went over a building and started to record the other light.I then lost the second one, stopped recording, stayed for a couple of minutes but nothing else happened and I went home.The next day I copied the video to my computer to see the footage in better detail and I think it might have been three objects.I also tried to enhance the video in an editing software called DaVinci Resolve, by increasing brightness and contrast, and also put it through stabilization.The more I look at the footage the more convinced I am that it was a bird. Still I can't seem to shake off that feeling that it was so bright and moving so fast against the wind.Both the original footage and the "enhanced" footage is included in this report.Coordinates from where I was filming was approximately:Latitude: 59.910379 | Longitude: 10.750629And an estimate to the location from the object was:Latitude: 59.910852 | Longitude: 10.750417 (the first one)Latitude: 59.910417 | Longitude: 10.749089 (the second one)

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