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Schenectady, New York (United States)

Sighted on Monday 17. February 2014
Reported on
Shape: Boomerang | Duration: Undisclosed

A yellow light, to bright, and seemingly too low, in the sky, and seemingly too large to be a star, I found very curious, and what attracted me to it even more was that there was a white blinking light, and a red one too, that blinked nearby the large yellow one hanging in the sky, and the small white & red lights that seemed to travel all over erratically, unlike the blinking lights you see on the tail end of some small aircraft. The blinking lights traveled around in small circles, disappearing and reappearing all over the place, but in the same general location of the large yellow light. It seemed that the small lights were designed to distract ones attention away from the large yellow light. Eventually, the large yellow light that was star like moved toward where I was watching it on my porch and the hung itself above and in back of a tree out in front of my building, but I watched it park itself through the branches of the tree, right in between the branches of the tree. I went inside to get my iphon 4, and when I went outside, I saw a craft that appeared to be round, in the dark, with no lights on it, travel low, across the back side of the parking lot across the street, and because it appeared to be really nearby, I tried to shoot video of it, but when i went back in the house to see what I had captured on my iphon video, it appeared that the video never happened. I went to call someone and noticed all of my phone numbers that were there earlier in the day, had been wiped out, and I had to recharge the phone, which was strange because it was charged all night long, and I really had not made even one call on it all day, or used it for any reason. I went outside on my porch with binoculars, around 8:00pm, to look for the object that I had tried to capture on video, and I saw more irregular small blinking white lights and when I looked through the binoculars there was a gold star like object that appeared red too, which was irregular in shape as it hovering above the church, near the college. I watched it for at least 4 mins while talking on the phone to a friend, who I had on speaker phone. Suddenly, the craft that was hovering started to move and it moved toward me very, very slowly, but I continued to watch it through the binoculars and it took the shape of a boomerang, somewhat like a stealth, but not quite and one side of the craft had a red light on it, the other side had a green light and the center glowed yellow, it turned really smoothly, and flew around the corner of my building, I ran inside and opened the shade and shut the lights off and watched it through my binoculars, as it disappeared from my sight, because I did not want to put the window up, because it was freezing cold outside. I continued watching, where the craft had hovered for some time, and there were other blinking lights, and another craft that was unlit in the sky that I could see through my binoculars. It was really cold out, I watched it for a while longer absolutely fascinated, and then I decided to come in. Because I have seen, so, much UFO activity in the sky from my home, from December, until now, in February, I feel that it is definitely time to say something. I cannot be the only person seeing these lights materializing into air craft. I do not have any photos of what I saw this evening, but I do have photos of the same type of light object that I saw this morning around 5:30am, but that photo is not related to tonight's occurrence which was absolutely incredible. I could not believe my eyes, but I do believe it!

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