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Clearfield, Pennsylvania (United States)

Sighted on Thursday 16. July 2015
Reported on
Shape: Disc | Duration: 00:04:30

While watching TV with my family, I was overcame with an atypical urge to go outside for some fresh air. After standing outside for a few minutes, my wife poked her head out our front door to inquire as to how and what I was doing. She interrupted herself mid-sentence to ask and point behind me, "what the hell is that"? To my amazement their was an extremely bright, white, disc shaped object, about 50 yrds away, and it was traveling about 20ft over the tree tops - moving from North to South so slowly it should have fallen from the sky like a rock. No noise, no marker lights. During this time I alerted several neighbors, 5 in total, and attempted to find a decent mobile phone camera. At some point the craft made an extreme right angle turn, which changed it's trajectory to East, and the vehicle gradually increased both speed and latitude until it eventually faded from sight. (A considerable time considering how bright the object was). During the sighting a black twin engine Airplane flew in low from the West, seemed to approach the craft with haste, and did a u - turn once the Disc made its right angle turn, while matching the speed and elevation change of the craft. The plane overflew the craft twice that we saw, and seemed to be following/observing the object from a distance. I've never seen any similar plane in the airspace around my home - and i search the skys daily. A truly unforgettable experience.

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