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Ridgway, PA

Sighted on Sunday 27. September 2015
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Shape: Light | Duration: 10 minute

3 high elevation crafts with multi-color lights formed a triangle around the lunar lunar eclipse, then flew away.My daughter, son, and I were just gazing at the lunar eclipse outside here at around 10:35 p.m., and noticed 3 distinct crafts flying towards the Moon from the West. They were too high for helicopters and airplanes, and were flying what can only be described as erratically, into what appeared to be a triangle which framed the Moon momentarily. The crafts were flashing an array of colors, and it was really weird to see this action, during this, the eclipse." My son (16 years old) ran into the house after seeing this event taking place, to report it to his online friends who were also watching the Moon tonight. My daughter (14 years old) and I (52 years old) stood outside, watching the crafts and the Moon eclipse until we could no longer see the triangle as the ships left their positions only after a few minutes and flew due East, into the night sky. I am a teacher, and my eyesight is good. My daughter and son have good eyesight, too. We had seen a simila! r triangle formation over in a small town about 100 miles to the West of Las Vegas. It was very clear outside, although some clouds had blown across the Moon earlier. Thank you for letting me share our experience with you.

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