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Orillia, Ontario (Canada)

Sighted on Wednesday 23. September 2015
Reported on
Shape: Sphere | Duration: Undisclosed

I pulled into a parking spot at Zehr's in Orillia, ON earlier today (Sept 23/15). It was roughly 12noon. I was looking at the sky out the windshield when I saw a commercial aircraft that looked to be at full altitude leaving a short dbl contrail behind it heading from an easterly direction to the west. Just behind the commercial craft was a smaller object appearing sphere like also leaving a contrail much shorter, a single trail and much thinner than the commercial craft. At first the object was roughly 3-4 of the commercial craft length behind and to the right of the contrail. It seemed to slow allowing the gap to become larger (6-8 commercial craft lengths),although it maintained the same flight path. I got out of my vehicle and continued to watch. It almost looked as if it had momentarily stopped. Suddenly it sped up and shot forward toward the plane back to 3-4 commercial craft lengths and it darted from the right side on the contrail through it and to the left side seemingly sideways to get there so quickly . The object became much brighter several times during the sighting - perhaps sun glare?I looked down for a fraction of a second and then back but it was gone. The commercial aircraft continued on its course but the object had completely vanished. Not even a trace of contrail from it. Sighting lasted roughly 4 minutes I believe. I was a little stunned to be honest. Was it a jet fighter or a chaser jet? I wondered if that could be it so I did a little reading upon my return home. From that reading I learned that safety regulations prevent chaser jets from flying too close to larger aircraft or flying directly in its emissions wake.....so what was it?Thank you for your time.Sherri Collinsp.s. I do not own a cell phone I would have taken a million pictures!There may have been other witnesses that saw it because I was standing in the parking lot looking up to the sky at it.

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