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Coulee Dam, Washington (United States)

Sighted on Sunday 22. May 2016
Reported on
Shape: Triangle | Duration: Undisclosed

First seen with a swirling tail coming in at around a 30-35 degree angle an just stopped. Seemed to hover near switchyard southwest of my location, flew north, dropped at about a 60 degree angle to the river. The lights on it where flashing red white and blue. Another light on the craft seem to be on the bottom and it was a bright white flash it only flashed above the switchyard. Upon touching the water the water swirled and splashed. Then it took straight off up in the air, and made a random series of movements before shooting off faster than any aircraft I have ever seen. Have multiple photos and video of this and several several other craft sightings in the same area. Not all the graphs are the same shape summer triangle summer diamonds couple are disc shaped. No visible doors windows or entry points of any kind Kama I will not be submitting photos with this request. I have submitted photos to agents before they never brought them back to me and I would like to keep my property

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Location Sighted on Shape Duration
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Davenport, WA 2017-04-10 Circle 35 minutes
Riverside, WA 2017-04-07 Other 2 seconds
Harrington, WA 2017-02-02 Oval 20 minutes
Davenport, WA 2016-12-29 Fireball 3 minutes
Davenport, WA 2016-12-29 Unknown 3 minutes
Davenport, WA 2016-12-29 Unknown 3 minutes
Malo, WA 2016-08-31 Light 5 minutes
Chelan, WA 2016-08-11 Circle 1 hour +
Reardan, WA 2016-07-29 Triangle 2 seconds
Moses Lake, Washington (United States) 2016-07-19 Cylinder 00:15:00
Ephrata, Washington (United States) 2016-07-03 round 1 min
Moses Lake, WA (United States) 2016-06-07 v 4-5 min
Ephrata, Washington (United States) 2016-05-24 Other Undisclosed
Grand Coulee, WA 2016-05-22 Triangle 25-30 minutes
Dry Falls, Washington (United States) 2016-04-17 rectangle one photo frame
Reardan, WA 2016-04-01 Light 5-8 seconds
Omak, WA 2016-03-15 Oval 1 hour
Addy, Washington (United States) 2016-03-06 Sphere Undisclosed
Ephrata, Washington (United States) 2016-03-04 Other Undisclosed
Enterprise, WA 2016-02-16 Fireball 30 seconds
Ford, WA 2016-02-16 Circle 4 minutes
Moses Lake, Washington (United States) 2015-11-25 Cylinder Undisclosed
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Ephrata, Washington (United States) 2015-10-06 N, A Undisclosed
Moses Lake, Washington (United States) 2015-09-26 Circle Undisclosed
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Omak, WA 2015-07-01 Circle 1 hour
Moses Lake, WA (United States) 2015-06-12 balls or light 30 Min.
Moses Lake, WA (United States) 2015-06-06 Circular with 5 spokes About 15 seconds
Ephrata, Washington (United States) 2015-05-11 N, A Undisclosed
Okanogan, Washington (United States) 2015-03-07 Unknown Undisclosed
Addy, Washington (United States) 2015-02-15 Cigar Undisclosed
Keller, WA 2014-11-17 Circle 1 minute
Tonasket, Washington (United States) 2014-10-13 Circle Undisclosed
Ephrata, WA (United States) 2014-10-07 Triangle 10 minutes
Rice, WA 2014-09-21 Light 15 seconds
Manson, Washington (United States) 2014-08-16 Round 1-2 minutes
Harrington, WA 2014-08-14 Light 2 minutes
Harrington, WA 2014-08-14 Light 2 minutes
Chewelah, WA 2014-07-12 Unknown ~2 minutes
Chewelah, WA 2014-07-12 Unknown ~2 minutes
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Inchelium, WA 2014-01-12 Triangle 2 minutes
Moses Lake, Washington (United States) 2014-01-09 Sphere Undisclosed
Malott, Washington (United States) 2014-01-01 Disc, Other Undisclosed
Davenport, WA 2013-10-22 Circle 10 minutes
Chelan, WA 2013-10-22 Oval 3-4 minutes
Manson, WA 2013-10-06 Light 10 minutes
Harrington, WA 2013-10-03 Light 2-4 seconds
Chelan, Washington (United States) 2013-09-05 Other 00:05:00
Manson, WA 2013-08-16 Circle 15 seconds
Republic, WA 2013-08-13 Unknown proceeding still
Chelan, Washington (United States) 2013-07-05 Cigar Undisclosed
Chelan, WA 2013-07-05 Light 30 seconds
Chewelah, Washington (United States) 2013-06-28 Other Undisclosed
Republic, Washington (United States) 2013-01-14 Circle, Disc, Sphere 00:00:03
Omak, Washington (United States) 2012-12-07 Flash, Oval, Sphere Undisclosed
Entiat, WA 2012-11-22 Diamond 10 minutes
Coulee Dam, WA 2012-09-11 Fireball all night
Moses Lake, WA 2012-08-20 Triangle 5-7 seconds
Davenport, Washington (United States) 2012-08-16 Unknown Undisclosed
Omak, WA 2012-08-15 Circle 20
Omak, WA 2012-08-15 Teardrop 20 minutes
Okanogan, WA 2012-08-15 Unknown
Chewelah, Washington (United States) 2012-08-15 Boomerang 00:02:13
Manson, Washington (United States) 2012-08-12 Blimp, Circle, Egg Undisclosed
Chelan, Washington (United States) 2012-08-09 Star-like Undisclosed
Chewelah, WA 2012-07-28 Light 3:55
Davenport, WA 2012-07-10 Light 15 minutes
Republic, Washington (United States) 2012-04-22 Sphere Undisclosed
Coulee City, WA 2012-04-12 Light 4 minutes
Chelan, WA 2012-01-21 Disk 1 min
Odessa/Harrington, WA 2012-01-09 Sphere a few minutes
Twisp, WA 2011-12-22 Sphere Evening
Republic, WA 2011-11-23 Circle 10 min
Riverside, Washington (United States) 2011-10-30 Circle 00:01:00
Harrington, WA 2011-10-17 Light 15-20 seconds
Davenport, WA 2011-10-09 Light 10 minutes
Moses Lake, WA 2011-09-20 Light 1 hour plus
Twisp, WA 2011-08-25 Fireball 20 sec
Moses Lake, WA 2011-08-21 Fireball 1 second
Moses Lake, WA 2011-08-12 Fireball 2 minutes
Davenport, WA 2011-08-01 Cross 5 MINUTES