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Wytheville, Virginia (United States)

Sighted on Monday 08. August 2016
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Shape: Triangle | Duration: 00:30:00

In good weather this time of year, i go solo camping often in the jefferson-geo. washington national forest, part of which spans sw virginia. i've done this numerous times and rarely see another human being. depending on weather, etc., i usually stay for a week. on 8 august 2016, my campsite was deluged with rain and wind as a tropical storm passed from the direction of new orleans to my campsite at the 4,160 ft. elevation of comer's rock on the wythe/grayson state line. i was trapped in my tent for approximately 3.5 days because of incessant rain and very high winds. on the afternoon of the third day (friday, 10 august 2016) i pulled my damp cot out of the tent and lay upon it and watched the sky pass overhead. what i saw was both mind-boggling and very, very curious. there was an extremely high layer of clouds moving very quickly to the sw and a patchy level of clouds (almost like a tight mosaic of cloud patches or cotton balls) moving to the se - very low and far from the cloud covering a high and being quickly transported by the apparent wind. as i lay there i began to notice that the blue sky behind each of the lower clouds was showing through as a crystal clear triangle...I actually said out loud, "what the heck is that?" it seemed to me that there were a number of "somethings" in the lower clouds and every once in a while, i could see them! i detected nothing more than their clear shape - a couple of dozen - and the fact they seemed to be hidden in the lower clouds. i also noted that i lay there in an extreme state of peace. after that layer of spotty clouds moved se, the sky cleared completely and the sun returned. during the entire week i kept wondering what the heck passed over me.....Seemed like a number of cloaked triangle-shaped crafts....Bottom line: a series of perfect triangles manifested in a speed-moving layer of clouds, which dissipated momentarily, as the front moved through. the thing i think about most is the feeling of peace and/or complacency i felt. never saw anything like this before.

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