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Trenton, GA

Sighted on Monday 27. August 2012
Reported on
Shape: Unknown | Duration: 10 seconds

A brief encounter with an Unidentified Flying Object, belief is near-abduction sighting.Hello, before discarding this report('tis a bit on the crazy side) know that this was in a dream, which was so realistic, the shock of the ending made me wake up, which also makes me doubt the 'dreamstate' I was in.Ok. So I was having a dream and was nearing the end of the dream, when suddenly an Unidentified Flying Object was visible in the sky. There was only a split-second before I and my companions who were travelling with me were all surrounded by a beam of some sort, of which I do not know, and the ground began to tremble, as if an earthquake had just begun.Then, we all began to float upward. The light emitting from the beam was blinding; I wasn't able to see anything outside the beam. As we neared the Unidentified Flying Object, I began convulsing without control, which I believe was a seizure, and was so strong it woke me up. The seizure also carried into when I woke up(about for a second) and I do not have any medical conditions related to seizures.Everything beyond this point is purely speculation, and is an opinion, and entirely non-fact based.Ok. I believe my dream from point of 'abduction'(Abducton - An act of being taken from a point without your consent or free will)to point of seizure was real, due to the vividness of the dream, I almost also could not tell when I crossed a reality threshold of having the seizure and being in my bed. It was like I was just suddenly there.I've never believed in extra-terrestrial existence, but I do now. I was completely skeptical and made aliens look completely impossible in the eyes of my friends, but it happened just an hour or two ago, and forgive my franticness, but I'm afraid I will forget or something. I do not know.I believe it could have been a device which would invert the gravitational pull of a living being from the Earth's gravitational pull to a gravitational push. In essence, a functioning tractor beam to only pick up living beings. The power needed to pull off such an extraordinary feat would require, in my belief, the equivilancy of a 100-Megaton Nuclear Bomb(Using our conventional technology).I've been skeptical of aliens all my life.I do not know if it was 'aliens'. It could have been a government test or something. I have no idea. But this was easily the most radical thing I've witnessed in my entire life. If you've read this all the way through. Thank you for reading my story, because I didn't think I'd live to tell it.

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