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Casper, WY

Sighted on Thursday 23. August 2012
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Shape: Light | Duration: 10 minutes

Large gold glowing ball of light that flies west to east and disappearsI was in my front yard, watering and stargazing when a large glowing gold light showed up in the western sky about the tree tops across the street. At first I thought it was a satellite, but it was very large and very bright. Next thought was that it was a plane, it seemed to be *flying* at a height that a plane would. There was no noise, however. It flew in a direct path over my house, directly over my head, there was no other lights, there seemed to be no visible shape. It was just a big gold glowing ball of light. As it headed slightly east off into the sky, it stopped glowing, it went from this glowing ball of light to a lightly dimmed star, that was still moving, till I couldn't see it anymore. I don't know if it just disappeared or because it was so dim that it blended in with the other dim stars around it that I just couldn't see it anymore. 10 mins later I went into the backyard and there was an actual US air craft with lots of flashing red and blue ! lights flying fairly low in the area & then I stood out there about a half hour later and there were two more US air crafts much higher in the sky in the same area about 5 mins a part from each other.((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. PD))

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Location Sighted on Shape Duration
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Casper, WY 2015-08-03 Cigar 4 seconds
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Casper, WY 2015-06-11 Light 30 minutes
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Casper, WY 2013-11-07 Chevron 2-3 seconds
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Casper, WY 2012-11-07 Sphere 15-20 seconds
Bill, WY 2012-06-20 Light 2-3 seconds
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Casper, Wyoming (United States) 2012-03-02 Circle Undisclosed
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Casper, Wyoming (United States) 2011-09-10 Circle, Egg, Fireball, Flash, Oval, Sphere, Star-like 00:15:00
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Casper, WY 2011-08-20 Light 2 minutes
Casper, WY 2011-07-20 Light 30 seconds
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Mills, WY 2011-06-03 Circle 40 sec.
Gardiner, Wyoming (United States) 2011-04-23 Cylinder Undisclosed
Glenrock, WY 2011-02-21 Light 4 min.
Casper, WY 2011-01-17 Sphere 6 hours
Undisclosed, Wyoming (United States) 2010-10-14 Star-like, Other, Unknown Undisclosed
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Undisclosed, Wyoming (United States) 2009-02-15 Flash, Other, Unknown Undisclosed
Casper, WY 2009-02-02 4 min.
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utha [cms/no such city], Wyoming (United States) 2008-06-29 Square, Rectagular, Star-like Undisclosed
not sure in a plane, Wyoming (United States) 2007-12-19 Bullet, Missile 00:00:15
Casper, WY 2007-09-02 Light 5 seconds
Undisclosed, Wyoming (United States) 2007-07-31 Other Undisclosed
Undisclosed, Wyoming (United States) 2007-07-29 Undisclosed Undisclosed
Douglas, Wyoming (United States) 2007-06-24 Egg, Other 00:30:00
cms/tg n/a, Wyoming (United States) 2007-02-28 Undisclosed Undisclosed
Undisclosed, Wyoming (United States) 2006-07-16 Bullet, Missile, Circle, Disc 00:01:00
Casper, WY 2006-06-28 Light 1.5 hrs
Shirley Basin Road, WY 2006-03-15 Light 10 min
Casper, WY 2005-10-05 Sphere 30 seconds
Wyoming (I-80, westbound), WY 2005-09-28 Other 20 minutes
Casper, WY 2005-06-06 Rectangle 20 min
Casper, WY 2005-02-23 Light five minutes
Casper, WY 2004-04-30 Cylinder 25-30 min
Casper, WY 2004-02-14 Triangle 10 minutes
Undisclosed, Wyoming (United States) 2002-09-20 Unknown Undisclosed
Casper, WY 2000-06-13 Oval 2 min or less
Casper, WY 1999-11-23 Sphere 1 min.
Casper, WY 1999-09-11 Triangle 30 sec
Casper, WY 1998-11-12 Triangle 2-3 minutes
Long stretch of dessert, Wyoming (United States) 1996-06-17 Other Undisclosed
Douglas, Wyoming (United States) 1995-11-30 Sphere Undisclosed
Dull Center (near Bill) (north of Douglas), WY 1994-06-29 Light 5 minutes
Study Butte, Wyoming (United States) 1993-03-21 Other 00:15:00
Wyoming (United States) 1992-07-10 Sphere 00:04:00
Glenrock, Wyoming (United States) 1987-05-15 Cigar Undisclosed
Undisclosed, Wyoming (United States) 1983-06-30 Unknown Undisclosed
Wyoming (various towns), WY 1983-04-20 Other 14 days
Casper, Wyoming (United States) 1981-09-15 Diamond 00:15:00
S.E. OF WIND RIVER CANYON, Wyoming (United States) 1978-07-08 Fireball, Sphere 00:30:00
Casper, WY 1976-07-25 Circle 1 hour
Wyoming (rural), WY 1967-07-12 Cigar
Kaycee, Wyoming (United States) 1953-11-30 Disc 00:30:00