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Cleveland, TN

Sighted on Friday 17. August 2012
Reported on
Shape: Light | Duration: 3 minutes

Round White Star Sized Light Slowly Moving After Being a Fixed Object. Slowly Vanished.35Yr. Old Male, Father, Husband. Outside smoking a cig on my front porch. Just started doing this 2 months ago when we got news were pregnant again (our 2nd). I've been using this time to stare at the stars and honestly bask in what I see as God's beautiful creation. I'm a life long Christian that doesn't rule out UFO's/Aliens b/c I find comfort in knowing mankind truly doesn't have all the knowledge of our Lords magnitude. No drugs, No boose, just cigs. I noticed multiple (3) airplanes flying overhead that night as per the norm during the first cig, and saying thank you Jesus as I looked from star to star giving Him the glory. Sets my soul at ease anywho..... While doing this for one set of stars (3*) above my neighbors house (NE) for a couple of minutes or 1/2 cigarette. Spending about 1 minute thank the Lord for each one.When I got to the 3rd star and did the same. Just a few seconds later I then noticed it, the "star" (round) start to slowly move north. Separating itself from the other 2 apparently out of nowhere, meaning it was fixed in the sky while looking at the other two. It was equal to size, color, and intensity as the other two stars that stayed put. After about 2 minutes of it slowly moving I noticed it began to become darker, as if the power was cut in half to the light (absolutely no flashing, no color other than white, no flickering). Then the last minute it maintained the same speed and simply disappeared. No clouds in the sky. No ridge line to block view. The thought to be star for 3 minutes before movement simply disappeared 3 total minutes later. It wasn't a shooting star. I have seen plenty of those in my lifetime, nor a airplane. They are starkly different of course to my description. This makes just the second time in my life I've ever had such an experience. I was 7 years old when something similar to this happened to me before but it was during the day. Although I did see the "cigar shaped" slow flying object reported here locally about 2 weeks ago as well I was told it was a chinese satellite re-entering the orbit by a classmate and wrote it off. I'm not a conspiracy theorist that's scared of stuff I don't understand. Just wanted to share this with someone other than my wife. Take care guys-gals and God Bless.

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