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Cut Bank, MT

Sighted on Thursday 16. August 2012
Reported on
Shape: Sphere | Duration: 20 seconds

bright orbs, triangular lights, strange planes on patrol near a airforcebase in northern montanaI walked out onto the porch and looked up, there was a bright lite that was like flowing through the sky. I observed this for over four weeks now. Some of the nights it is like we have Airforce planes over the same area patroling is what i think. Yes, some look as if they are either satelites or planes, but its the star like orbs that move in any direction. On two seperate nights, i have witnessed a triangle shaped ships. It was sunset after a storm i looked up from my porch and seen a light but when i focused it was a triangle shaped objects i tried to get my phone and when back fast but was unable to get a good picture of it, it was a strange but i seen it blast away or something like in a movie. It was a erie way that it looked, it was like it had rocket boosters but i was gone in a second. I dnt know but every night im seeing somthing and im not sure what to think. I am only a skeptic but i've become concerned because this is happening everynight. Hope it! s the government and not what i think.

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