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Fredericton (Canada), NB

Sighted on Tuesday 14. August 2012
Reported on
Shape: Formation | Duration: 30 seconds

Laying on dock watching stars and three triangular object went out of a cloud. One went in one direction the othe two stayed together and made a kind of snake like motion extremely fast ... Plane past few minutes after and they had to of been going three times if not faster. We lost them in the clouds but with out question was something. They did not blink or flash or leave any trail. They were very very high up almost seemed above the stars and had a bright yet foggy appearance. White light. it all lasted maybe 30 seconds was nothing I have ever seem before and am quite honestly little freaked out about this. To be so high up they had to be massive. Unmistakably UFOs with out a question in my mind. There was no sound. I am a believer now because my husband and I both saw them together . Amazing yet scary

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Oak Bay (Canada), NB 2013-03-10 Flash 2 seconds
Oak Bay (Canada), NB 2013-03-10 Flash 2 seconds
Oak Bay (Canada), NB 2013-03-10 Flash 2 seconds
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Beaverdam (Canada), NB 2013-01-09 Oval
Houlton, ME 2012-11-19 Teardrop 30 minutes +
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St John, New Brunswick (Canada) 2012-10-13 Oval Undisclosed
Saint John, New Brunswick (Canada) 2012-09-20 Disc 00:00:00
St John, New Brunswick (Canada) 2012-09-13 Circle, Oval, Sphere, Star-like 00:01:00
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Rothesay (Canada), NB 2011-08-31 Light 90 seconds
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