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Norman, OK

Sighted on Monday 13. August 2012
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Shape: Triangle | Duration: 5 hours

Firey orange triangle-aprox. one hundred white spheres/orbs. and a triangle shaped craft with circles on each point.About 11:45 on August 12th,2012 I arrived at Lake Thunderbird in Norman,OK. to watch the meteor shower. My 2 nieces ages 20 and 18 and my 2 year old grandson were with me. We went to Zoom Beach on Indian Point Road. We sat on a blanket at the most North point of the area. My grandson was asleep the entire time. All activity observed was within one half of the sky or a 180 degree area. With 0 degrees being North-80 degrees East and 180 degrees South. We were facing East but slightly North-about 70 degrees. There was a very tall street light about 200 feet behind us-otherwise it was very dark. Aprox. 12:15 my niece witnessed a firey orange triangle appear above the treeline across the lake at about 60 degrees. From the map of the lake I guessed this to be about 2400 feet. We thought this might be the corner of the moon beginning to rise. As we watched it-it flickered/flamelike. It kept the triangular shape but did not have exact edges. It looked like a fire...! yellows/oranges and reddish/brownish at the boundaries. But the upper right corner seemed to drift in and out of the triangle. We watched the triangle and saw about 20 meteors until about 1:45. Between 1:45 and 2:00 we witnessed the triangle rise above the trees...it was a cresent moon. We saw the moon rise and all the events to follow 3 different times. Each episode lasting 45 minutes-1 hour with aprox. 15 minutes of inactivity between each episode. As we watched the moon, the lower 1/4 began to break away in small pieces,travel a very short distance then return to shape the moon. They appeared like blobs-no definite shape. But they got larger and smaller as to "morph" in size. They were the same firey orange color. The smaller pieces broke away and returned 3 to 4 times-with the pieces growing larger each time. Then as an explosion-many many very bright white spheres were emitted from the moon. At least 50-100 spheres traveling in all directions,within the 60-90! degree area. The movement was unlike anything man-made or any! kind of machinery I had ever seen. It appeared lifelike-it reminded me of a swarm of bees. It also reminded me of "Tinkerbell" while flying. The movements were so irradic...sideways/circular/north/south/east/west/up/down/hovering. At times they were faster than anything I have seen. At other times they moved so slow we questioned each other to verify movement. During this activity the degree of brightness would change from very bright to very dim, Then they would disappear and reappear. They appeared "playful". Next at about 70 degrees we noticed a circular area forming...like a black hole. The sky was clear,but clouds just appeared from nowhere. We kept saying "cloudlike"-they seemed to move with purpose. As if to be alive or drawn or pulled to this area. The clouds formed a cover/curtain in front of the black hole. It became very bright behind the cloud cover. The spheres began darting in and out from behind the cloud cover. Then the clouds just vani! shed. Next the spheres had more purposeful movement. They formed a pattern as if to get in line and traveled up to a small cluster of twinkling stars. This was about 85-90 degrees. Hold your arm straight out,bend wrist downward and fan open fingers. This is what the cluster looked like. It had a long tail of stars at the most North point. Next the spheres traveled down the "fingerlike" part of the cluster. They were in a line formation and looked like a rescue team from a helicopter-traveling down a hanging rope. At the bottom they scattered very fast and very irradic in all directions and in all 180 degrees. As some traveled closer the sphere shape appeared to be triangular. They had a circle/round light on each point of the triangle. They were all a very bright white light. Next they all traveled North /0 degrees to a bright/stationary/blinking light at the treeline. This was directly over Tinker Air Force Base. Next they were launched a few at a time South/abou! t 145 degrees,to a bright/stationary/blinking light at the tre! eline. B oth the N and S stationary/blinking lights were present during all the previous activity. Reminded me of a lighthouse. Next they were launched very fast South/Southwest to 180 degrees. They were launched in various sized groups-parallel to the treeline. Then they would disappear. It reminded me of bullets being fired from a gun. During the last 10-15 minutes we saw activity leaving the cluster/swarming/traveling North/launched South/launched SW to disappear. All simultaneously-we didn't know where to look. We felt as if we were being diverted from seeing something. We witnessed the same exact /entire episode 2 more times. The only difference being in the last episode which was aprox. 4:00-5:00. After the spheres traveled to the North light we noticed a very bright light traveling on or right above the lake towards us. It was a stationary white light that was directly North and present the entire night-atleast 3,000 feet away. It traveled very fast and irradic. Sideways/circu! lar/hovering and completely silent. The brightness faded in and out/was a single light/was 2 lights-like headlights/ we saw red and green lights. As it came closer it was the triangular shape. When it was about 3-5 feet from our shore the triangle craft disappeared and we immediately heard a small boat motor and saw a small fishing boat land on the shore. We were convinced this was an intentional attempt to make us doubt the entire evening of events. 2 men exited the boat and were camping just west of us. We were to scared to question them about anything. After a few minutes we noticed a triangle craft traveling directly towards us. It was moving so slow it took quite awhile to realize it was getting larger and closer. It was a very bright white light with circles on each point of the triangle. We started to hear noise for the first time all evening. It was fish jumping...alot of fish from all different directions. At its closest we saw faint/almost invisible "like&quo! t; triangular wings on both sides. The entire evening I had su! ch a war m/good/devine intervention type feeling. When the craft was aprox. 500-700 feet away we heard water bubbling sounds for awhile. I felt my body move backwards as it approached and I was spooked. It started to sprinkle and within 30 seconds a downpour. I picked up my grandson and we all ran to our vehicle. We watched the craft another minute or two. Then it disappeared and the downpour stopped. We watched for another hour atleast before we headed home. That is my sighting...it is what it is. The first hour I tried to rationalize everything to my niece, until I finally realized there was no other earthly expalnation. We were witnessing actual UFO activity. To end...there were absolutely no drugs or alcohol involved. My 20 year old niece witnessed it all with me. I am thankful to have a witness. My 18 year old niece watched some of the meteors than feel asleep. She did wake up at some point and watch also...maybe an hour or so. She was scared and wanted to leave. I will never un! derstand this as I stayed awake almost 2 days from adrenaline. I am 45 years old. I have been a Registered Nurse for 21 years. I have no mental illness past or present. My nieces are both high school grads and have been very good girls. We all 3 had phones on our person and I had been to a birthday party that day and had my camera in the vehicle. Not once did the thought cross our minds to take some pictures. I guess its the shock and disbelief that keep you fixated on watching and your brain from thinking rational...

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