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Langebaan (South Africa)

Sighted on Friday 28. September 2012
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Shape: Oval | Duration: 20 seconds

Two objects moving apart, one coming down, large and bright, the other small and high up.We live on the West-coast and our house faces the sea. The large window of the living room and the balcony allows a view of the sky from N to SW. On 28.9.2012 at approximately 20h05 the sky was clear and the nearly full moon high up on our right as seen from the balcony.A greenish-blue several millimeter large oval moved with great speed more or less from NW to SW coming down at an angle of approximately 20 degrees. After maybe 5 seconds it developed a small triangular red tail and disappeared more or less in the W and about 30 degrees above the horizon.At the same time we spotted an unusually bright white star perpendicularly above us, moving fast to the N gradually becoming fainter and disappearing as if moving upward some 20 degrees to the left of the moon. There were no sounds of an engine nor a sonic boom. Both probably linked phenomena took approximately 20 seconds.My wife and I saw this and one other person in the same location also confirmed to have seen it.

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