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Grande Prairie (Canada), AB

Sighted on Thursday 27. September 2012
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Shape: Sphere | Duration: 20 seconds

5 burning red colored spheres moving to east in north sky from grande prairieAt 9:15 pm in north skyline from grande prairie 5 sphere objects 10 time the size of average star burning red color moving to east they were aligned in a tight lightning bolt pattern all moving to east. They slowly dispersed one to two at a time over 20 seconds they were moving slow. After 5 minutes while watching the sky we also seen star sized objects inividually in each direction of sky moving one was bright apearing to fade out moving up. The others all alone were moving also in zig zag pattern back and forth lasting until out of sight and dimmed out when traveling away. Each was seen about 4 minutes after each other. All of them were headed in different directions in the sky.

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Hythe, Alberta (Canada) 2009-08-05 Sphere Undisclosed
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