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Napier (New Zealand)

Sighted on Saturday 22. September 2012
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Shape: Unknown | Duration: 10 minutes

8 bright intense round lights, appearing in twos, following the exact same path at slightly different times with no noise.On the 22nd September 2012 at 2105, my husband and I were outside on the back porch having a smoke. Over to our right are the hills of Taradale. My husband was looking that way when he said, "What is that orange light?" I looked over and saw this incredible intense bright orange light moving fairly slowly towards us.I went inside and asked our boarder to come outside and have a look. We both returned outside in time to see this orange light suddenly veer very sharply to the left and fly very quickly upwards where it just disappeared.As soon as that light had climbed upwards, two further bright orange lights followed the exact same path as the single light. Then as before, as soon as these lights climbed, two more followed the same path. As before, they climbed and two more followed the same path. Finally, as these ones climbed, one more single bright orange light followed the same path before climbing and moving very fast away.These lights were consistent; they did not flicker at all. They were fairly close yet there was no noise at all. The night was beautiful, very clear with no cloud. The airport is not in the direction of the lights and as we live on the flight path, we know where the planes come in. They come in directly over us or from the west to the east and at a low altitude.These lights were fairly low when the first came into sight but they were traveling from north to south before heading west. I can hear planes very clearing when they come in.They were not flares, flares act in a totally different way, plus ((name deleted--husband)) knows what flares look like. Also, the sea is to the east of us.They were not Chinese lanterns. If they were, the lights would have been flickering even slightly. Also, they all would have turned to the west at the same time if they wind had blown them. These lights followed each other exactly.They were not weather balloons as we do not have them here in Napier.I got my camera and put it on video and aimed it at the lights. I looked at the screen but couldn’t see anything on it so I stopped filming. It wasn’t until two weeks or so later when I downloaded photos onto the computer, I saw I had actually got one of the lights on video. Unfortunately, as I thought I wasn’t getting anything, there is not much film of it. Still, it does show one orange light which looks nothing like a plane.They were sort of round and very large. The way, in which they veered sharply, it was impossible for one of our aircraft to have made that turn, only a fighter plane could have turned that way. Again, if they were fighter planes, the noise would have been heard but it was silent.My husband called the police and was told other people had also reported the lights. A few days later, the police called again and told us, the lights were not flares or lanterns and they had no idea what they were.My husband is 45 and a digger and bobcat driver, very down to earth type of man.I am 47 and don’t work due to having Fibromyalgia.Our boarder has since moved out. At the time, he was a security guard.

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