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Pigadia (Greece)

Sighted on Friday 21. September 2012
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Shape: Other | Duration: 5 seconds

Big white shining thing crashed in the Aegean Sea between Karpathos and RhodesI just saw something crashing. I'm on Karpathos, which is a Greek island in the South Aegean. Today September 21th at 20.55 local time (GMT+3)I saw a large white shining thing sailing over Pigadia, the main city of the island. It flew quite low, my guess is 1200 to 1500 meters above ground and had the size of a jumbojet, if you saw it in that altitude. It came in directly from southwest and had the shape of a french lily. I know that that's the classic shape of a meteor, but I don't think it was a meteor. It was bright white and even if it moved very fast, it seemed to sail. I instinctively prepared for an impact, because I thought it would crash at the promontory just north of Pigadia. When it flew over the crest of the promontory, which has an altitude of 500 meter, something glowing red fell of it. This part must have fallen on the eastern side of Karpathos, whereas the main body must have crashed in the sea between Karpathos and Rhodes.I also waited for a crash-noice, but heard nothing. Just before the red part fell off, the main body seemed to rotate 90 degrees and fly sideways.

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